Mind Reading Tricks And Techniques

“Oh my God! How did you know?!” You must have seen a lot of people react this way to mind readers and their tricks. Though most of us know that it is only a smart trick, we only end up wondering how to decode it. If you too are amongst the curious ones who want to know now these mind reading tricks are performed, then you are on the right page. We have tried to reveal the secret behind some common mind reading tricks and also tried to make them easy to learn. Read through these tricks and you can surprise people around you with some mind reading yourself.

I know what you are thinking:

This is a very simple mind reading trick where you ask your spectators a series of questions. Both the spectator and you write each answer on a separate piece of paper and put into two separate bowls. And when the answers are finally compared, your spectator is surprised to see that both your answers match. The trick here is to write the answers with one question lag. For the first question, you should write the answer to the question you plan to ask last. Keep the last question simple, for example ‘Write a colour”. So for the first question, you write “red” and the spectator writes his answer. Once the papers are put in their bowls, ask the answer for the first question and then confirm that you have written the same thing. Then ask the second question. So wnen the spectator writes his second answer, you write the first one. The game continues till for the last question your spectator answers “red” and you write the second last answer. When papers are
compared, even if he answers something else for colour, he will still be amazed to see all other answers match!

Grey Elephants in Denmark:

Performing good mind reading trick is also dependent on the way a trick is performed. Sometimes it could require taking some chances, but confidence aids the trick. This is a very simple trick that is based on the statistical understanding that most of us tend to think in a certain way. The key to playing this trick is trying to keep the pace fast. Fast pace will keep your volunteer on the edge and make sure he does not have too much time to think and find non—conventional answers. As the trick begins, give the following instructions to your volunteer. Ask them to do all calculations mentally.

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Think of a number that should be between 1 and 10.

Multiply this number with 9 and subtract 5 from the product.

Map numbers to alphabets where 1 is A, 2 is 3, a is c and so on. Now find the alphabet corresponding to your number.

Pick a country that starts with this alphabet.

From the second letter of the country, name an animal.

Think of the colour of this animal.

“OK now stop thinking about grey elephants in Denmark’. Surprise your volunteer by reading his mind and finding the name of country and animal. The trick here is that any number you choose, will leave a remainder 4 after the multiplication and subtraction. Most of the times, the first country most of us can think of that begins with D is Denmark. Similarly, most commonly selected animal beginning witn E is Elephant. And these are the chances you will be taking when performing this mind reading trick.

Mind Readin Tricks And Techniques

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I can read what you read:

This is a great trick for or a gathering at home or a place where you have access to the telephone directory. The trick is very simple and can make your spectators believe that you can read what they read through their mind! This is also a great trick with young kids who will also enjoy doing the math along. Begin with the following instructions.

Write down a a digit number (eg. 986)

Now reverse this number (689)

Subtract the smaller number from the bigger number (986—689 = 297)

Again reverse this number and add to previous one (792+297 = 1089)

Now ask your volunteer to check page 108 of the directory and look down the 9th entry on the page. And after they have curiously looked down the page and read the name, announce the name of the 9th entry. Your audience will be stunned to see that you know the name without looking. The simplest fact is that any three digit number will give the number 1089 after the maths is preformed, So all you have to do is lookup the 9th name on the page 108 beforehand and surprise your audience with your mind reading powers.

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I know your card:

Card tricks are very common and never fail to amaze the audience. This simple cards trick is very easy to pull off and will definitely surprise your audience. What could be better than a trick that has least chances of going wrong?! There is a little preparation required before you play this trick. You will need a pack of cards along with its cardboard case. Cut a small rectangular hole towards the bottom right of the case so that you can see what card is placed inside. Now you are ready to play the trick.

Ask a volunteer to pick a card from the pack and show it to the audience while you turn around. Now ask them to place this card facing downwards on your palm and place the other cards on it, shuffle the cards without moving the last card giving an impression that the card has been mixed in the pack. Now insert the pack in the cover and act as if you are thinking and reading the card. Quickly steal a glance at the card from the cut out and place the pack away. Since you have seen the card, announce it with a little dramatization!


Mind reading performances are a mix of the trick, the timing and the method. With the right kind of acting and dramatization, the attention of audience can be shifted to make your trick believable. Confidence also plays an important role in delivering the trick and can help cover up any goof ups. Mind reading tricks are fun and practicing these simple tricks can make you the star of any gathering. Prepare well and amaze your audience.

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