Islamic Dream Interpretation – Meaning Of Dreams

In this article you will find islamic dream interpretation a-z. Such as islamic dream meaning when you see snake, death, water, flowers and etc. So lets start.

Sleeping is not really sleeping when it comes to a sub conscious level. We are sleeping only consciously but the brain has its own process and actions to perform even when we are at rest. While we talk about taking rest consciously, the most spoken word in our life is ‘DREAMS’. Some say we dream about the things that we think about the most. Some others say the incidents that take place in our life in the entire day; the mixture of all those incidents are reminded in our brains while we sleep and dreams take their form.

Dreams are a natural phenomenon in each and every person’s life. It occurs on a perpetual basis too. However, in reality we just fail to recollect what we had dreamt about. Here we are with an article for all the fortunate people who have been successful in remembering what they had dreamt about and are curious to know what their dreams have to say to them. Yes, the article is solely about Islamic dream interpretation.
Dreams are real or not? That is a topic which the scientists all over the world are trying to figure out. The good news is that we have come up with certain interpretations based on the most vast religion present on earth that is Islam. Dream interpretations in Islam are just interpretations and not some hardcore truth. So just in case you come across some other interpretation, you don’t need to be stressed out. You can select either of the interpretations which favours your happiness and bliss the most.

On a very honest note, regarding The Great ‘QURAN’ there has been an explanation of three types of dreams. They are as follows:

  1. A dream from Allah – Rehmani
  2. A dream from our thinking – Nafsani
  3. A dream from Satan – Shaytani

Rehmani basically means that there is a message from the Almighty. It takes place within the human beings that are pure from the heart and have a good intention towards the people around them. Thus, the message from Allah has its place in the form of dreams within those people while they sleep.

Nafsani has a description similar to the definition of dream provided by science. All the events in the entire day together form a mixture along with our own particular thought process and our mindset and form a dream.

Shaytani is a message in the form of a dream from the Satan to us for performing all the bad deeds. This usually happens to the sort of people who are not considered so good hearted because of their evil deeds and bad intentions towards the people around them.

Good dreams and bad dreams both of them are a part of our lives just as the practical ups and downs in our daily lives. But the important point here I think we should take a note of is “how do we perceive our life as.” It is the same with our dreams. Generally there are some dreams which are common among the entire human
race. We have seen them quite more than once in our lifetime till date. So let us discuss about these common dreams and their interpretations.

Here is a list of those common dreams we would take a look at and find out their interpretations in the Islamic religion.

  • A burning candle in a dark room
  • A snake in front of us
  • Heavy storm and rainfall
  • Doors opening and a bright light shining in front of us
  • Dream about being in a far distant place in between the ocean all alone
  • Dream of death (possibly the most common of all above
  • Dream about walking in the garden full of flowers
  • Dream of traveling

No matter what science has to tell is about the concept of dreams, one thing very sure about dreams is that
we can fulfill our dreams by having the belief on the supreme power of Allah and our hopes on our destiny with a little bit of hard work, patience and perseverance.

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Moving back to the dream interpretations in Islam, we start with the most powerful interpretations about the very common dream.

Islamic Dream Interpretation

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1. A candle in a dark room: A single candle in a dark room symbolizes the presence of the mighty Allah within our heart filled with negative thoughts around the world full of unpleasant negativity in their hearts and minds. It reminds us that the supreme power of the divine would outshine all the negativity within us and help us walk through the path shown by HIM. Only if we let the candle be bit continuously, that is have a strong faith on the decisions taken by Allah regarding our life. On the contrary, many candles within the room signify that something good is about to happen and it is soon going to be time for some celebration.

2. A snake in front of us: Snakes are venomous as well as non venomous too. Similarly, the position of the snake in our dream explains us the Islamic interpretation about that dream. If we see the snake on our dining table, that denotes the separation of friends. If we see someone crawling over the snake, that signifies that the particular land is fertile and it is time to grow some seeds. It relates to making an investment. A water snake signifies rise in our income or fruits of our investment. A snake coming out of a hole pretty sure signifies a birth of our child. Certainly it is good to see Snakes in our dreams rather than in real life because snake dream meaning is better than meeting snake in real life.

3. Heavy storm and rainfall: This is quite interesting as the religion says that if we see rainfall over our house, it is a blessing from the divine that success would surely knock the doors of our house. We just have to keep working hard and perform good deeds in our life. BUT, if we see a heavy storm and rainfall all around us till the reach of our sight, it certainly means that we have done quite a lot of sins in our lives and it is now time to face the punishments of our sins and make a note that we better learn from the lesson rather than get annoyed by the decision of the supreme and lose faith in him. So basically it is good if we see some showers of rain on our very own house and be optimistic and keep doing good.

4. Doors opening and a bright light welcoming us: Sounds too filmy but the meaning is hidden in the name itself. This dream signifies that we have done enough good to the world and now the Supreme Allan is happy and is ready to call us back to his home and have our share of blessings in the heaven. Rather than having the fear of death here, we should be grateful that Allah has his doors open for us and is welcoming us with all his love and care for us like a father to his son.

5. All alone in the mid of the ocean: Quite amazing this dream is as it tells us that Allah wants us to be out of the social world and take some time out for ourselves and think about our deeds and actions in our life whether we are walking on the path he has guided us to or are we lost in the illusion of earning money and getting selfish day by day just to realize that we have not done anything good lb earning and not helping our fellow males. Do take some time to think what path are we walking on if you see this dream.

6. Dreaming of death: The Islamic dream interpretation of death is vast and quite well explained which seems to be practical and realistic as well.Here are some interpretations according to Islam regarding dreaming about death.

  • Death of a bachelor indicated he or she is going to get married
  • Death of a king indicates the demolition of the town and loss of control hereby creating lots of problems
  • Death of IMAM indicates dreamer’s faith losing over his or her religion
  • Death of a parent indicates losing himself or herself materially as well as spiritually
  • Death of an animal indicates the power or strength in yourself as to which animal we see dying
  • Death of a pregnant woman indicates the birth of a male child that is going to be a great personality when he grows old.
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7. Dream about walking in the garden full of flowers: This is one good feeling even if it’s real. But in terms of dreams, it surely has a wider explanation. Flowers indicate a person’s patience and self control qualities. A tree indicates a person’s character and dignity. When a person sees a dream of walking in the garden full of flowers, it shows that the person has a strong yet pleasant qualities and should contribute to the world by helping people out to show them how to grow in life and help our males to be successful and a nave a mind with good intentions.

8. Dreams about traveling: People love traveling. Here is an Islamic interpretation about traveling in a dream. If a person who is poor sees himself as travelling, it is said that money is going to make place in that person’s life and rich he or she would get and wealth would come into that person’s life by God’s grace. But, if that person sees himself or herself traveling on the feet then that person would have to face the burden of a heavy debt on his or her shoulders. One more interpretation is that if the person sees himself flying up, it means that person has done good deeds enough that he or she is blessed with a prosperous life ahead where as if the person sees that the landing is taking place in the dream, quite sure that the fruits of the bad deeds would soon take place and the person has to deal with the punishment of the bad deeds.

These were the Islamic interpretations in the most common of the dreams among our human race. Although these are interpretations, it is up to us how do we take these interpretations as. The outlook of our mind and the strength of our thoughts eventually decide our destiny and our path towards our destination. Being scientific and realistic is the trend today. However the interpretations are thousands of years old. What should drive us crazy about these interpretations is that why do they still exist. The only answer to this particular question is that these interpretations are made after many many years of research in the Islam religion and the good news is that they do tend to be correct with lots of examples as evidences. Sometimes it’s good to walk on the track which is not so common only to realize what truly is the truth behind our life and what is our purpose in life.

Dreams have a different definition according to science and yet I am here to just make an opinion about my
perception. I believe dreams are the God’s unexplained hints for us that He silently is present around us trying
to show us what our path is in our future if we continue to be the way we really are. He is always there to help
us silently in all our troubles and pains. Just a non convincing point I would like to express here is, Allah has no form. Neither do dreams. May be Allah visits our brain silently and guides us the the correct path we need to walk on so as to have a blissful as well as peaceful life the way he has always imagined his children to live. I hope we all make some time out to realize what our dreams indicate so that we have a better picture of our future rather than sit and do nothing but constantly worry and disappoint the closed ones around us.

Self talk has proven to be the best guidance for a beautiful life. May be dreams are the non explainable part of us doing the self talking subconsciously.

Have a blessed and a beautiful life ahead. Keep smiling always.

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