Hypnosis Techniques For Beginners

Hypnosis is great fun. it does not matter whether you are learning the hypnosis techniques to help people with the therapeutic benefits of hypnosis or just want to do it for fun, as a beginner. There are quite a few techniques you will need to practice so that you can become good at hypnotizing. Learning techniques and understanding them will allow you to learn how to apply them on a person who gives you permission to do so.

Know how hypnosis works

Before learning any hypnosis techniques, you need to understand that you can only use hypnosis on people who allow you to use it on them. Hypnosis is basically putting someone l a trance, There are several ways of achieving this like sudden shock, confusion, boredom, dancing, drumming, chanting, relaxation or even repetitive movement. Although as a hypnotic you will develop several methods that will become your favorite, relaxation is the easiest and the most commonly used, it is also the easiest.

Hypnosis techniques:

Covert hypnosis

In this hypnosis technique, you will be hypnotizing someone without them knowing that they are hypnotized, This is not allowed in the standard hypnosis practice but is great when you are just trying to have fun. Once the person is in a state of trance, you can then input ideas and suggestions into their brain, This is mostly used as a way to help alleviate pain as suffering from people who are sick.

The induction technique

Induction is the simplest mode of hypnosis and will usually take anywhere between one to four minutes to get a person into a trance.

Relaxation induction

In this technique, you will simply tell your patient to sit down while facing you, relax and take three deep breaths. They should close their eyes while breathing and consciously relax all their muscles, While they are doing this, as the hypnotists you will suggest that they are going deeper and deeper in to a certain state, it may be sleep of unconsciousness, anything you like. For the most people, this is all it takes to put them into a trance.

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Eye fixation

Here you should ask the patient to fix their gaze on some object that is above their eye level. The act of holding their eyes up on an object allows the eye muscles to tire quickly such that when you suggest that their eyes are growing heavy, they usually are, You will then suggest that they should close their eyes and then as they close them, they will immediately drop into a trance.

How to deal with the subconscious

It is relatively easy to get a person into the trace state, in fact you can do it on yourself just to see if you are getting better at it or not, However, the most difficult part is the hypnotherapy part, learning what to do with a person once they have been hypnotized, When a person is in their conscious state, they will usually interact with anything in their surrounding analyze, weigh and compare what is said to things they know. When one is in a trance, or has been hypnotized, everything that they hear will go straight into their subconscious without being evaluated, weighed or compared to anything. This is why people will receive complements on a dress they have worn and they will say oh this is an old dress rather than saying thank you; the complements are being weighed in their mind.

Hypnosis Techniques For Beginners

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Choose the right words

The mind records all the experiences of the human person in clusters that can be stimulated, For example from a trip, one does not just remember the place they wet, what they ate and who they were with, they will also remember the sound sand smell of the engine, how they felt about life in general, the scents in the air and the music that was playing at the time. These clusters are stored with others and it is why when you hear a song you have not heard for a while will bring back memories.

As a hypnotist, your goal is to take advantage of these stimuli to access the memories in the clusters they are stored in. you will use a particular word or sound to trigger both happy and unhappy memories. You will know the word if it triggers actions other than the automatic ones you have told them to perform, a hesitation for example is one way.

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Direct suggestions

The simplest way to get the word is to suggest one. in the state of trance, the mind is very receptive to all kinds of suggestions, Hypnotic suggestions can be phrased as either questions or sentences for example “you are strong, You can do this. You are a loving caring person who is very respectful of others.”

Indirect suggestions

Direct suggestions are blunt while indirect suggestions are direct. With indirect suggestions, you will say something like “I wonder if you know just how much your children love you”. The suggestion is the same as one in the direct platform but it is more subtle, The difference between the two suggestions is merely just a personal choice and the kind of style you, as the hypnotist prefer.

Hypnotic binds are created with indirect suggestions, For example you may tell your clients that “you may fall into a deeper trance now, or in the next few seconds” this means that either way, they will be falling into a trance.

How to perform the hypnosis

— Allow the person you are hypnotizing to sit in from of you face to face and let them put their hands on your palm

— Tell them to begin eye contact with you by looking at your eyes

— Tell them to press down your hand. Tell them to press down on your hand harder once you start counting

— Start counting from 1— a

— Use your hand to cover their eyes shading them and caressing them down slowly, Then begin stating that it is late, and their eyes are getting heavy and that they should doze off and sleep. Once you have said remove your hand from their eyes and see if they are sleepy.

Here is basic hypnosis techniques.I hope you learned something from this post.

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