How To Sleep Better With Sleep Hypnosis (GUIDE)

Sleep hypnosis is often thought to depict self-hypnosis, whereby to sleep you learn how to hypnotize yourself. Basically, sleep hypnosis involves being led by your hypnotist into a relaxation state through “hypnotic induction”. People are said to be susceptible, in such a state, to the hypnotist’s suggestions.

How to sleep better with sleep hypnosis

  • Clear your mind

When you need to have a better sleep with sleep hypnosis, to begin, you should clear your mind. Sometimes the things which visit your mind at night look big plus more worrisome. This stage of sleep is known as the thinking phase. You rehash at this phase the things which happened to you during the day or you spend inordinate amount of time thinking about those things to come.

Try skipping this phase. Instead you should clear your mind of worries, focusing on breathing, and visualizing relaxing places. When you have a rough time pushing out of your head other thoughts, focus more on relaxing each and every part of your body. Eventually relaxation is going to come.

  • Release tension in your body

Begin with your toes, moving all the way up to the top of your head. Flex or move each toe so that you are aware how they feel when active. Then relax your toes, releasing any tension you might feel. Make your feet and toes go limp, without any energy or pressure exerted.

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Maintain this practice for other parts of your body, tensing and then releasing the tension in each muscle. Move all way up your body, trying to focus on ankles, feet, knees, lower legs, upper legs, front, back, elbows among other parts of your body.


  • Breathe deeply

When your body is relaxed, you may begin breathing exercises. Ensure you close your eyes. Draw in deep and long inhalations. Slowly exhale and feel the air as it departs from your lungs. Allow your mind to fully concentrate on your breath as the air slowly comes into and out of the body.

Open your mouth, and let your jaw muscles relax. You should let your breathing to go on effortlessly and comfortably.

Feel the body relax into the mattress, as the air flows both in and out with every breath. The results of hypnosis should feel the same as deep meditation.

  • Visualize a relaxing place

When you’ve relaxed the body and your breathing is now under control, you should begin the sleep’s fantasy phase. To achieve this, you think about the most relaxing scenario or place you may think of. It may be a beach in the middle of summer. You should immerse yourself into it.

Make yourself recall what it sounds, feels or smells. You’ll become more relaxed the more elaborate your picture. Visualize scenarios of what you’re doing there, the kind of food you might eat and other people who might be there. The result will be feelings of both relaxation and drowsiness.

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  • Choose a mantra

When you find it difficult visualizing a place, instead you may create an inner mantra to assist you fall asleep. You can try soothing phrases like sleep, peaceful or restful. Say your mantra on each exhale, focusing attention on the meaning of those words.

The human brain is quite prone to suggestions, and repeating some affirmative phrase may have a lasting effect on your subconscious.

  • Make a sleep hypnosis recording

If neither of the above options works, you should try making some hypnosis tape. It may be not easy remembering all of these steps when you are just getting started, and stopping to look up what you missed might take you out of the relaxing moment. You should record yourself speaking the above guided meditation. Try experimenting with various images and suggestions, making various recordings for various mantras and scenarios. Include your affirmative and positive phrases so that you may hear them and recall saying them when you’re drifting off. Listen to the tape while you’re falling asleep.


Though they sound simple, these activities are not going to work immediately or overnight. Sleep hypnosis technique may take time to get familiar with. Therefore, do not worry when they fail to work immediately. You’re going to get better at it over some period of time. You are possibly going to find, after a while, falling asleep not only easier but also having a better sleep each night.

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