Free Tarot Card Reading Online (ACCURATE)

The Ruled Brain staff reads and analyzes several tarot books and decks every month. We write reviews of only the very best free accurate tarot card reading materials available online. We share with you here the best of the books we’ve read on the subject of Tarot.

We tried to find free tarot reading online books and most of them which are listed in this article are free. Also, others you can buy with the lowest price especially for our readers. So lets start.

Free Online Tarot Reading

1. 1-2-3 Tarot: Answers In An Instant

by Donald Tyson

This is a system for reading tarot cards three-at-a-time, reading them in triplets. The staff considered this a good book for intermediate level Tarot readers seeking to improve their card reading techniques.

I see red flags when an author assures readers, There’s no need to memorize the cards – it only takes a moment to look up the parts of each Tarot Sentence. The technique in this book seems absurd as

some of the Tarot Sentences are complicated, lengthy, and the meanings are way off track (if you use Rider Waite as a basis for comparison) The good thing about the 1-2-3 system is that the cards are read collectively in triplets. What Tyson does is take the meanings from each of the three cards and makes a sentence by combining them into three parts: Subject – the nature of the card; Action -what the card is doing; and Direction – the way the action expresses itself. No background is given in the book as to how to interpret basics of symbolism, which a reader must already be familiar with to work this system. Not having this information included leaves the reader wondering where the author came up with some of the meanings for the sentences. The 1-2-3 system is an individual, personal reading system not universally taught throughout the tarot community. To be able to work it, a reader needs to have a pre-existing knowledge and basic background of how tarot really works in general.

The illustrations further complicate this book. Most inexperienced readers expect illustrations to be similar to a Rider Waite deck, and this Universal isn’t. Something I would like to see in this book is more on what the trumps and pips represent, and how numerology and elements fit in. Also, how to interpret basic symbolism — all of which would help a reader better understand Tyson’s 1-2-3 system of tarot reading.

I would add my own triplet here as a disclaimer to purchasing this book.


  • 3 of Wands — buy and add it to your collection
  • Page of Pentacles — read it once
  • 8 of Cups — leave it on your shelf

Unfortunately, this is not free online tarot reading book, but you can buy it from Amazon with the lowest price from our link below.

free tarot card reading online accurate

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2. The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals

by Mary K. Greer

Do you ever wish you could get one specific tarot topic all in one book? Isn’t it frustrating that, to get new information on your topic, you often have to purchase books that reiterate subject matter you already have? In her new book The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, Mary Greer de-mystifies the use of upside down or reversed cards in a way that is easy to understand and apply. You no longer need to avoid a reversed card in a reading. Now you, the reader, can give reversed cards the attention they deserve and understand why reversals are significant.

When you use the methods of reversals in this book, you begin to see things from a different perspective and gain insights that are not immediately apparent. Reversals are more than just a negative interpretation. A single card, when viewed reversed, can answer questions about what is being blocked or delayed, what you may not be seeing in yourself, and where difficulties are being experienced. Of the Twelve Ways To Read Reversals,” the method I use most often is # 4 — Inner, unconscious, private — which means that what the card indicates is not recognized on a conscious level, is not visible on an outer level, or is not yet seen in public.” Sometimes even the querent is not aware of the card’s hidden energy.

While researching this book, Ms. Greer interviewed members of the tarot community to bring the reader highlights of how they use reversals. John Gilbert shows how the reversal changes the original meaning into a related second meaning. The suit of cups when upright represents Relationships, and when reversed is Raw emotions. James Ricklef is featured with his use of The Five D’s. He uses mnemonics (words that all begin with the letter D) to describe reversals. Other features of this book include the author’s explanation of her Breakthrough Process which actively involves a client in a reading, her Hidden Influences Spread, and a list of reversed keywords.

I started reading years ago, using reversals from my first reading. The only resource I had at that time was the meanings in the book for the Crowley Thoth deck. Reversals then were simply addressed as being the opposite of what the upright meaning is. I always felt that there was something other than the reversed interpretations meaning the opposite of the upright meaning, but I didn’t have a reference guide to teach me more. Most tarot readers disliked using reversals because they were reluctant to learn a second set of 78 more meanings.

With this book, a reader will find there are other ways to interpret reversals without having to memorize a new set of meanings. Readers of any level of tarot experience will find that in one book, The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals opens up new possibilities and adds new dimensions to your readings. You won’t have to read volumes of other books anymore just to get reversals information. Add this book to your collection and learn how to interpret the upside down messages of the cards.

You can download this free tarot reading online from link below

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The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals


3. Inner Pathways to the Divine: Experiencing Your Spiritual Self Through the Tarot’s Major

by Diane Toland

I literally stumbled across this book. Somebody on the other side of the aisle pushed his or her book into the book rack so hard, this book tumbled to the floor right in front of me. I picked it up. The author was Diane Toland, a tarot luminary in the Northwest . The publisher was SunShine Press Publications in Colorado — never heard of them.

On the back cover Louise Hay, Lynn Andrews, Betty Bethards, Gloria Benish and others had several nice things to say about this book. I sat down just to peruse it. A couple of hours later I bought it. Diane Toland really knows her stuff.

This is a book about the Major Arcana, about exploring your spiritual self and becoming a better person. It’s a tool for transformation, for spiritual growth, for empowering yourself. This is a book of wonderful affirmations for each of the Major Arcana. This is a book for creating change in your life and becoming what you want to become.

You’ll learn how to create and use your own personal Mandala. You’ll learn how to use tarot cards to explore who and what you are now, and who and what you want to become. You’ll learn how to use the affirmations for each card to help you in this process. You’ll learn some action steps including some simple rituals to help you along the way.

I actually met Diane a couple of years ago at a tarot conference in Portland, Oregon. She wowed the audience with the Major Arcana and made quite an impression on the participants. My guess is this book is an outgrowth of her work as she prepared for this wonderful seminar. Maybe the seminar was an outgrowth of her writing this book.

Either way, I recommend Inner Pathways to the Divine  and Diane Toland to you as a wonderful resource for tarot readers traveling a spiritual path, no matter what that path may be. I also recommend this book as a textbook to teachers who want to teach an eleven week course in spirituality by covering two Trumps each week.

While you can read through this book in a couple of hours and forget it, I don’t recommend that. I recommend you use it as a guidebook to further your own spiritual enlightenment. In my experience, that takes longer than a couple of hours. When we searched free online tarot reading materials, unfortunately, we did not found this book. You can buy it on Amazon from the link below.

free online tarot reading accurate

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4. Romancing The Tarot: How To Use Tarot To Find True Love Spice Up Your Sex Life Or Let Go Of A Bad Relationship

by Phyllis Vega

Phyllis Vega co-authored Power Tarot, a popular book of spreads for just about every situation. Now you can enjoy her new book specifically for matters concerning love and relationships. Spreads in this book help you to change your beliefs, focus your intent, and use your will and imagination to create the relationship you want. The tarot spreads in this book help illustrate how negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs can undermine your intimate relationships. If there is a problem with love, sex, or letting go of someone in a relationship, there is probably a spread in Romancing the Tarot which addresses the issue. This book is unique in that it gives seven categories that are geared to romance for each of the 78 cards: Just the categories alone can make up a spread!

Expectations – what you want/get Emotional – how you really feel about the relationship Material – careers and finances Sexual – physical/intimacy issues Spiritual – how you grow spiritually Challenges – difficulties you may encounter Outcome – what may happen in the relationship

There is also a section on Court Cards. I find this helpful, as court cards can be difficult to understand in readings, especially when dealing with love or romance questions. The courts can represent characteristics and personality aspects, events or activities, or seasons of the year. As with the rest of the deck, major arcana and aces through tens, the seven categories are given for the courts. Since this book is strictly about romance issues, readers need to observe some caution, especially if you have a Code of Ethics about not reading for third parties. (A third party is anyone other than the client who is receiving the reading.)

Many of the spreads in this book have positions that are asking the reader to tell the client what another person will do or how the other person in the relationship will react. The emphasis of a reading needs to be focused on what the client can do about the situation. Try to keep the reading centered on the client’s responsibility in the relationship by rewording the position. For example, change The other person’s feelings about you (the client) to How you think the other person may feel about you. There is a spread for finding out if someone is cheating on you, which in my personal Code is a no-no to read about. It has positions for where your significant other’s relationship with another person is going, what your SO’s concern is, and the other person. How does a reader determine what qualifies as true love? In a spread called True Love, the last position asks if the love between the persons in the relationship is true love or not. I would reword this position toWhat happiness can I expect to achieve? or What takes my relationship to a higher level of satisfaction?

  Tarot Cards for Sale and Which Ones You Should Buy!

I think that most readers can use the spreads in this book to help clients look at their relationships in a new perspective. Just be wary and do not put yourself in a position of making predictions or speaking for a person who isn’t the one having the reading. The fact that there are seven ways to look at each card gives reader lots of new meanings and keywords. This book is helpful in giving you ideas for creating your own spreads for romance questions. For those who are phone readers or who do live readings online, this is a wonderful book to have handy. Remember to use the spreads wisely, be professional and stick to your ethics. I hope you enjoy working with the spreads in this book as much as I did.

free tarot card reading online accurate

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5. Past Life and Karmic Tarot

By Edain McCoy

This is a tarot book that doesn’t have the key words and explanations section at the beginning or in the index. The author wrote this book for advanced readers who want to take tarot to another dimension. Past-Life and Karmic Tarot has 25 spreads, each of which is a chapter containing a sample reading. Card meanings are discussed in relationship to their positions in the spreads instead of as a section on just key words.

The author discusses suits as being Wands and Earth-feminine, and Fire and Air-masculine. The Constellation Wheel Spread adds Draco, Pegasus, Cetus and Ursa Major to the planets. Draco is House 8/Scorpio, dealing with temper and determination. Pegasus is House of Self, Air/Earth dealing with managing hopes, fears and dreams. Cetus is House 2/Aries, Water/Air dealing with adaptability. Ursa Major is House 5, Water/Fire dealing with the home. A bonus to this book that will take an intermediate reader to an advanced level is Edain McCoy’s chapter on Entering the Tarot Cards and How to Self Regress to the influencing past life.

This is not a tarot book that will be an easy overnight read. Past-Lives and Karmic Tarot ( ISBN 073870508X) is a serious work, one that if practiced, will give you a whole new dimension to using the Tarot. You can take your past-life knowledge and turn it into positive action. Positive action creates wisdom and wisdom can untie karmic bonds. Our spirits intertwine with all others, and what moves one thread on the web vibrates throughout the entire web and affects all of us.

Whether you believe in past-lives and karma or not, this tarot book can help you gain the ability to view past lives through the cards. Once informed of a past-life’s possible influences on your present question, and with the cards to view in the present in front of you, you will see explanations as to how you got to where you are now, and who and what influenced you along the way. For those of us who feel that seeing is believing, the tarot cards, with the spreads in this book, will lay out a picture of where you might have been and who and what might have been the influencing factors then who are surrounding your present question. Edain McCoy accomplishes the art of transformation through past-life information with the aid of the Tarot in her spreads in this book:

The Growth Over Three Lifetimes Spread uses three rows of four pairs of cards–Physical, Astral, Mental, and Spiritual. These three rows may be past present, future or two past lives and now, or three separate past lives. Cards to look for in same the row or in pairs are Judgment and Hanged Man-indicate karmic balance has been reached; Hierophant and Moon — secrets, hidden things and false friends; and Wheel and Death-fluctuating highs and lows and profound change. The Elemental Spread uses directional positions.

The Feng Shui Spread will prove useful in ferreting out information about where you got or if you had wealth, what your reputation may have been, when/where/who you had relationships with, and your career in that lifetime.

If you are serious about exploring past lives, (once in awhile a reader will get a querent with such a question) and want to explore them in depth, this book is for you. Read through and try the spreads. You won’t be disappointed and your perspective may shift. I recommend adding Past Lives and Karmic Tarot to the collections of advanced and professional readers.

Download this free tarot card reading from link below

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6. Professional Tarot: The Business of Reading, Consulting and Teaching

by Christine Jette

If you are interested in being a professional tarot reader or are already reading professionally and want to improve your business, Christine Jette’s Professional Tarot is for you. Topics are presented in this book that other tarot specific books might not have addressed such as what holds you back from becoming a professional reader. Most daunting are such issues as legalities, zoning, licensing, untaxed income, and other issues unique to tarot readers.

For clients who want to know what exactly a tarot reading is, Jette gives a wonderful explanation: Tarot is a blend of logic, common sense, good communication skills, and intuition. Once a professional reader has all that, then each reader needs to understand his or her unique way of reading style.” In Professional Tarot, you also discover which style is yours: the Teacher, Healer, Interpreter, Mystic, or Alchemist.

One of the unique topics discussed in this book is hang-ups that hold us back from becoming a professional reader. Money tends to be the biggest, so the author shows us how to become aware of attitudes about money as you learn 7 steps to draw money to you. Promoting yourself is another hang-up.” If you think that you are just one more reader in an already saturated market, read this book and discover that you can still carve out a niche for yourself by following the marketing and advertising tips. Some of the suggestions this book offers areyour policy, fees, a disclaimer, rights of yourself and clients, and your guarantee. Read more to see what else would help make your brochure more effective.

Being an effective professional reader also includes the importance of being able to identify at risk clients. Most readers won’t encounter crisis clients, but occasionally some do. The author draws on her experience as an RN and psychologist and shares just how to handle such a client.

Another part of being a professional reader is avoiding the awkwardness of closing a reading. I am especially pleased with the section in this book that teaches you how to not let a 10 minute reading turn into a 30 or more minutes’ session. Learn not to give more than you agreed to get paid for.

At some point, you will want to build your business further by teaching classes and workshops. A topic specific to this book is what to charge and how to collect or give refunds in case someone isn’t satisfied with the class. The author not only provides outlines for her own classes but also offers ways to constructively deal with difficult students. What if you have a spur of the moment call for a reading? Just like having a doctor’s kit, you can learn what to keep in a tarot-to-go kit to always be ready to accommodate clients and not miss opportunities to read. These are just a few of the topics addressed in Professional Tarot that will enhance our free online tarot reading services and help us to promote our services as readers. Make space now on your shelf for this wonderful resource. It’s a book you will want to read and use again and again.

free tarot readings online

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7. Tarot & Dream Interpretation

by Julie Gillentine

Tarot & Dream Interpretation by Julie Gillentine with a Foreword by Rachel Pollack and published by Llewellyn Publications is a book I’ve always wanted to write. I could never pull it together so it made any sense as a book. Now I know why.

Certified Tarot Instructor Julie Gillentine has developed nine unique tarot spreads to help readers understand their dreams and benefit from this knowledge. Those nine tarot spreads make all the difference in dream interpretation. A good tarot reader could make a living doing nothing but helping other people interpret their own dreams by using these spreads. That’s how important this information is and that’s what was always missing in the book I was trying to write. Thank you Julie!

Ms. Gillentine has divided this book into three parts. In the first part, she discusses the similarities and differences between tarot and dreams and delineates the nature of dreaming. She suggests several ways for remembering, recording and analyzing your own dreams. These techniques are easy enough to use and teach to others.

In the second part, Julie describes her nine tarot dream spreads and gives examples including dream interpretation. In the third part she discusses each card separately with emphasis on interpreting each card in a dream interpretation reading.

Julie includes a list of symbols in the third part as a Symbol Dictionary. Though this is a fairly comprehensive collection of symbols, she explains how the reader can use Tarot to clarify symbols not found there. Lest the reader start to believe he or she has all the answers, Julie admonishes us: No matter how skilled and insightful another person’s analysis is, the dreamer is the ultimate authority where dream meaning is concerned.

The tarot spreads Ms. Gillentine suggests in this book are designed not to make you skilled and insightful in interpreting the dreams of others, but to help you engender understanding and insight in your client – the dreamer. This is the key. We don’t tell the dreamers what their dreams mean. We help them understand what their dreams mean to them. We may never understand their dreams. But it doesn’t matter, as long as they do. That’s what this book is all about: teaching you how to help other people interpret their own dreams. It can even help you interpret your dreams.

Wonderful book. I recommend it to you.

free tarot card reading online accurate

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8. Tarot & Magic

by Donald Michael Kraig

Over the past seven years, I’ve watched Donald Michael Kraig mature into a wonderful and effective teacher at tarot conferences around the country. He’s been a best-selling author for Llewellyns longer than I can remember. His Modern Magick is not only a Llewellyn best-seller, it’s widely referred to as the magician’s bible. In his latest book, Tarot & Magic published by Llewellyn, Don combines his best-selling way with words and his master teacher skills to produce a truly remarkable tarot book for beginners and experts alike.

If you know nothing about magic, you’ll find this book to be invaluable in helping you create talismans, amulets, spells and performing effective magic. If you’re a master magician, you’ll find ways to improve your skills and methods for teaching others to do magic quickly and competently. If you know next to nothing about tarot, you’ll find this book a great tool for learning all about your cards. I dare say even tarot experts will learn a thing or two as well.

  Tarot Cards for Sale and Which Ones You Should Buy!

You’ll learn how to use tarot cards as magic and to create magic rituals, talismans and amulets. You’ll learn how to use the tarot in pathworking and astral travel. You’ll learn how to dance the tarot and help your clients do the same thing. We’re not talking polka here, it’s more like walking through one card and into another. You’ll even learn a little basic ceremonial magic.

There’s no hocus pocus here. Don’s no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach to magic is easy to understand and even easier to replicate. he doesn’t ask you a memorize a lot of things. Rather he asks you to understand the process and then create your own magic. There’s one caveat: You can probably read this book several dozen times and get very little out of it. Or, you can follow his instructions, create your own rituals and be doing magic before you finish the second chapter. You’ll have the same opportunity for the next seven chapters.

I’ve been creating spells, talismans and amulets for years. I’ve been pathworking and astral traveling for years. I’ve taught hundreds and hundreds of people how to do these things. I’ve learned a lot from this book and my next class will be using it as their textbook. That’s how much I value Tarot & Magic by Donald Michael Kraig. I recommend it to you without any reservation whatsoever. Now I’ve got to do a divination to see if my planned talisman will have a positive effect or not. That’s one of Don’s suggestions I really, really like.

Download free online tarot reading book from link below

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9. Tarot Decoded: Understanding and Using Dignities and Correspondences

by Elizabeth Hazel

There has always been a need for an astrology textbook for tarot readers and a tarot textbook for astrologers. Now there is one. Author Elizabeth Hazel has teamed with Weiser Books to create “Tarot Decoded”. This book teaches astrologers how to use tarot cards and read them with their astrology knowledge. It also teaches tarot readers the astrological basis for tarot.

The subtitle to Tarot Decoded is “understanding and using dignities and correspondences.” Hazel explains that dignities describe the relationship between any two cards as being friendly, neutral or unfriendly. Planets, signs, numbers and elements correspond to each other and tarot cards. By knowing these things the reader is better able to interpret both the free online tarot reading and the current astrological influences in the client’s life.

Separate chapters are devoted to numerological, planetary, zodiacal, house and elemental dignities. Readers are encouraged to use one of these systems to enhance their free tarot readings online. Correspondences are discussed in a half dozen chapters and used to describe and explain astrological influences. Lists of these relationships and specific dignities are explained in the appendixes.

The author introduces an original tarot spread called the Cosmic Axis and describes three other important spreads. These spreads include the Vala Cross, Twelve Houses and Zodiac Spiral spreads. She demonstrates the use of each of these spreads using the dignities and correspondences disclosed in the text. These demonstrations are excellent teaching tools in themselves.

“Tarot Decoded” is recommended as a tarot book for astrologers and an astrology book for tarot readers. This book is endorsed by a number of respected tarot and astrology experts whose comments are included in the first five pages of the book as well as the back cover. Both tarot readers and astrologers will want to have this book in their library.

free tarot card reading online accurate

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10. Understanding the Tarot Court

by Mary Greer and Tom Little

In Understanding the Tarot Court, tarot readers now have a cover-to-cover resource on just the court cards. Mary Greer and Tom Little share spreads, history, interpretations,and charts that make court cards easy to understand and use. In the same manner of Greer’s other tarot books, the exercises presented in this book are playful and thought provoking. The reader may discover the court cards as humans, instead of symbols, that have their own individual personalities and how each card contributes to the deck as a whole thereby gaining a deeper understanding of who the court cards are as a person, aspect, relationship, or event.

Spreads cover several topics most commonly asked such as who am I, career, and relationships. Growing Up traces childhood issues and choices you made that got you where you are now. Career Destiny represents professions and career choices. Relationship Spread shows each person’s conscious and emotional contributions to the relationship.

Exercises include crafting your own set of personal key words, contacting an inner teacher court card and going to a tarot beach party meditation. Greer and Little show us what is possible when multiple, combinations or no court cards show up in a reading. Some deck creators change the order and rank of kings and knights so the history of how Golden Dawn and Crowley’s Thoth made these changes is included.

Reversals are mentioned briefly and some of the ways to interpret them are unappreciated, lacking, acting out, or unfaithful.” This book has charts on Elemental Dignities, Decantes and zodiac correspondences that give further depth to the court cards and make them easier to understand. These charts make this book a must-have reference guide. Other charts include: Court Card Comparisons, Myers Briggs Type Indicators, Golden Dawn Correspondences, and Designing Your Own Courts.

One of the things that make readers balk at court cards is how to interpret them… Greer and Little suggest what information to look for in 65 pages devoted to interpretations. This section could be a LWB (little white book) on its own. It has eight categories for each card to help a reader see new ways of perceiving the court card based on how the character pictured in the card would act in these situations. Once you have decided how to interpret a court card, there is a worksheet is provided to help you design your own courts. The appendices have readily useable charts for comparisons, correspondences, Myers Briggs, and important terms. The comparison chart shows how the energies of Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages function and compare to each other. For example, A king is a master of the outside/public, deals with fixed ideas, is in the stage of completion/letting go, and is the time for resolute, outer action.

Greer and Little have written Understanding the Tarot Court in such a way that if you do the exercises and use the spreads, the court cards will become second nature. Tarot is sometimes referred to as being the royal road. The courts enhance the journey along it, so treat yourself like royalty and use the information in this book discover the king or queen in you as you develop a relationship with the court cards.

Download this free online tarot reading book from link below

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11. Wisdom in the Cards

by A.L. Samul

Wisdom in the Cards by A.L. Samul published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. is based on and inspired by the Hudes Tarot Deck also available on Amazon. The paperback retails for $10.00.

The Hudes Tarot Deck is a beautiful deck in the Golden Dawn tradition. The black and white pictures in this book don’t do it justice. You really need to see the full color deck to get the full impact of these cards. But the book stands alone. According to the authors, the book was inspired by the Hudes deck but it can be used with any tarot deck of the reader’s choice. Those of you who are drawn to this deck will probably enjoy it as much as I do.

In the Introduction the author explains the Snapshot of Now tarot spread using the following positions:

  1. Where you are coming from (left)
  2. Where you are now (center)
  3. Where you are heading (right)
  4. Issue being dealt with now (below)
  5. What you need to see (above)
  6. What’s coming up next (above right)

The first five cards are laid out like a Celtic Cross with the sixth card set over to the right side. This sixth card is called Turn of the Wheel by the author. It gives an indication of what’s coming up next in the client’s life. The author credits Thalassa, originator and organizer of the Bay Area Tarot Symposium, with creating this spread. I like this spread because it’s easier to use and better defined than the Celtic Cross. (Those of you who know me know my belief that the Celtic Cross is more often poorly done than not, and it’s a difficult spread for beginners to use well.)

The author painstakingly describes each card and explains the imagery in easy-to-understand language. Following this, she gives a meaning for the card in both the upright and reversed (inverted) positions. The next thing she does is assign a planet to each card in the Major Arcana.

For each card in the deck she gives both an affirmation and a prayer. For example, her affirmation for the Empress is: I accept my body and myself completely. I cooperate with my body and I respond to its needs. I am aware of the beauty within and around me. Which of us could not benefit by using this affirmation daily?

Lest you be turned off by the Christian approach to prayer, consider the author’s Prayer of the Empress: Help me notice the beauty that is ever present in life, and help me be lifted up by it. Bless me with a discipline toward my body that is both gentle and compassionate. Yes! Such is my prayer for all of us.

The affirmations and prayers attached to each card is a wonderful way to start each day. One card a day followed by a short period of contemplation, meditation, quiet time or journaling can help anybody change his or her attitude, self-esteem and outlook on life in just a few weeks. Read and envision the affirmation. Read and consider the prayer. What a great way to start each day.

These alone are worth many times the $10.00 price of this paperback. The card descriptions are priceless. Thalassa’s spread is wonderful.

Today my card is the King of Pentacles: I am a deep well of compassion and comfort, filled with waters that renew and refresh my life and the lives of those close to me. Yes, I am. My prayer for the day is: When things are hard and impenetrable in my life, I ask You to bring me the softening that allows for compassion, movement and flow. Yes, I so pray today. Thanks A.L. for sharing these words of wisdom.

Good book. I recommend it to you.

free tarot card reading online accurate

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I hope we helped you to find free online tarot reading which is accurate.

If you like this article please share it to your friends. Also if you have any questions post it in comments section below. Thanks for reading.


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