Free Psychic Reading By Phone – 13 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask, But Never Did

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one would want some answers before going ahead and taking a decision. This could be about matters of the heart, business, career moves, family and so on. You have a question in your life that is bothering you terribly and don’t know where you could turn to? This is a good time to look up and avail of a free psychic reading by phone.

This simple step could put your mind at rest, help you take a decision, confirm your gut feeling, point you in a direction or warn you in advance about a hazardous situation. It is very exciting to have the possibility to take a peek into the future or past – and it is even better that this opportunity is free. So, what stops you from taking advantage of this offer?

There are a few questions that most people want answered regarding free psychic reading by phone, but never get around to doing it. Here are the top 13 questions answered for your benefit, and hopefully, these answers will clear your doubts and allow you to enjoy this wondrous gift.

1) If it is free, can I expect good quality?

Yes, you can expect the highest quality from these readings. Reason? These “free” readings are actually, an investment done by the psychic who is offering it to you. Consider it an advertisement for his or her services. The freebie is offered to entice you to try him or her out, trusting that you will love the experience enough to become a paid client, and/ or recommend them to others who would benefit from this service.

Hence, even if it is totally free, there would be no compromise on quality of the reading. Rather, you could expect the highest possible quality in this service as this offer is meant to hook you in as a permanent (and paid) client.

2) How can I test the proficiency of the psychic?

It is recommended that you never take any offer for granted or at face value. Ensure that you are totally satisfied before you ask for the free reading. Use the Internet to check the credentials of the person who claims is psychic and check whether there are any scams or complaints attached to his name. All you need to do is Google his/ her name along with the word “scam”; if there is anything to hide it will most likely surface on the Net.

A few questions about your past would be a very quick way to establish the veracity of the psychic. Only after you are satisfied that the psychic is genuine and his/ her readings are genuine you may go ahead and ask for the free psychic reading by phone. Believing that you are getting a valuable freebie, believing that the psychic is true, believing that this step can help you in your life – will actually be helpful to you.

3) Should the psychics not offer divination free of cost? After all, they have a gift that could benefit the humanity at large…

Yes, of course. It is expected that psychics divine free of cost so they share the benefit of their priceless gift with the humanity at large. This is why you found the offer of free psychic reading by phone; this is the pro bono service offered by majority of the leading and renowned psychics all over the world. Some lend a hand to the local police, some come in only in special cases, both for the police (to prevent crime or find a criminal) and private matters.

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They however, need to charge for some of their services since the psychics are human beings who need to eat too – just like any regular human being. They would have families and bills to pay just like anyone else.

4) Can the psychic talk with the dead?

Yes, some psychics can talk with the dead. Not everyone can however; and not being able to talk to the dead does not disqualify the person from being a psychic. He or she could be an exceptionally gifted psychic, but still unable to talk to the dead. On the other hand, there are mediums who can see and talk with the dead but are not psychic.

In case you want to communicate with the dead, ask your psychic whether he could do that for you.

5) Can you study to be a psychic or is it a gift that you are born with?

Psychic people are either born with the gift or acquire it through special spiritual circumstances or experience. Though certain psychic aspects can be acquired, this is more often than not an inbuilt talent. Some people are born more in tune with the Universe and are able to access the information easier than others. Those people who embrace their gift find that with time, their abilities grow and they are able to do more, feel more and see more.

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6) If the future holds something bad will the psychic reveal it to me?

The psychics will always tell you the truth. However, when it is something negative in your future they will give the information in the form of hints and warnings. You must know that your will and way you think and live can change your destiny. A god psychic will help you move on the path that will protect you from harm and help you realize your wishes.

7) Is a face-to-face psychic reading better or a free psychic reading by phone?

A psychic is a psychic. It does not matter what medium he uses to connect with you. He will be able to respond just the same way. Some people feel good seeing the person when asking questions – for them a face to face interaction is better; others actually feel more comfortable not seeing the person – for them the phone is just the right thing. You can also start with the phone reading and then go for a video reading or if possible, one in person.

8) My loved one is missing. Could a psychic help me find him or tell me whether he is okay or not?

Psychic people have different types of gifts. Some psychic people would be able to help you find the missing person. Some would be able to tell you whether they are okay or not. Others would be able to tell you whether what you have in mind would come to a positive or negative conclusion.

Psychics are somewhat like a specialist in one or few interrelated areas – like a specialist doctor, lawyer, teacher, pilot, etc. If you have a problem you need to find the right specialist; you would not go with a law problem to a specialist doctor and expect him to help you.

Similarly, psychics also will have special gifts. Place your question before the psychic and let him tell you whether he could help you or not. With the free psychic reading by phone you will have the opportunity to get your answers without worrying about the cost.

9) The psychic I contacted was wrong. Am I being cheated?

Psychic people respond to your queries based upon their gifts and intuitions. They do not get answers in black-and-white; rather as feelings, visions, etc. Sometimes, they may not interpret accurately these signs; sometimes, you might not be able to connect the dots. Do not jump to conclusions immediately.

It is recommended that you try to establish a trust bond with your psychic before asking questions of depth and importance. Trust can open your heart and mind to the answers and your interpretation of what is told to you becomes clearer and easier to understand.

10) I have lost something very precious in terms of money. Can the psychic help me find it?

Yes. Most psychic people would be able to help you find something you lost. The psychic will often ask you a few questions about the object and the circumstances in which you lost it. Most psychic people would be able to guide you to find the lost object or tell you approximately when you will find it. They will also be able to tell you whether the object is lost to you forever.

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11) What to expect from a psychic session?

This is a very important answer because most people are confused about the gifts of a psychic and are too quickly disappointed when they cannot respond to their queries as expected.

First of all you need to know that not all psychic people are the same. Each one of them is unique with special gifts that they apply to the questions you put. This is why it is important that you tell the psychic upfront what you are looking for in the beginning. Letting the psychic “guess” what you need is not a good idea.

A psychic reading can give you:

  • a time frame to achieve your desire/ resolve your problem;
  • an indication on whether what you want can happen or not; – an indication whether you are in any type of danger or not;
  • approximate place, circumstances and dateline when you will meet your life partner;
  • whether you career is moving up or is encountering trouble;
  • whether you will be successful in an exam or not;
  • whether you will find true love or not;
  • whether good time or difficult times are coming ahead;
  • what are your personality traits that are stopping you from achieving your dreams;
  • whether you are in good health or you will have trouble with your health;
  • whether money is coming your way or you are having some struggling days ahead; and so on

What the psychic cannot tell you:

  • when you will die; or when your loved one will die;
  • how you will die;
  • whether your girlfriend or wife is a virgin;
  • whether your boyfriend or girlfriend will come back 100%. In this case they could give you an indication on whether you are on the path on fulfilling your love life or not;
  • whether you will win the lottery ticket or the winning numbers;
  • places where treasures are hidden;
  • whether your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ spouse is cheating on you;
  • how many children you will have;
  • how many marks you will get in an any given exam;
  • who will be your soulmate, etc.

What you should not tell your psychic:

  • details about your loved ones;
  • Information about circumstances in your life;
  • how much money you are willing to pay to find an answer;
  • anything that could be used legally against you.

12) Can a psychic steal information from you (your mind) and harm you or access your bank account or any sensitive information?

No, under no circumstances even the best of best psychics would not be able to “steal” information from you enough to hurt you in any manner. Psychics are people who are well attuned with the Universe at large and they follow strict karma rules.

Besides, no psychic will be able to find out your bank account number and password to steal your money or any such thing. Psychics will have no power over you. They use their gifts to sense answers to your questions. There is precious little they can do to pry into any type of sensitive information about yourself or your dear ones. They get their answers through vibes, visions, and intuition; these come to the psychic person more as signs which he interprets in the light of your questions and their own experience.

13) Do I need to make any purchases after I access the free psychic reading by phone?

No, as explained earlier, the freebie is a gift that is meant to prove to you that the psychic is good. The gift is meant to build a trust bond with you and thereby, motivate you to come back for more later when you find yourself wanting answers to difficult questions in your life.

There are no strings attached to the free reading and if you never come back for a second psychic reading, that is okay, too. These questions may have cleared a few of your doubts. In case you still have any questions, you need to put it across upfront when you start a session with your chosen psychic.

Proceed only after you feel that your vibes from the psychic are definitely positive. Trust your gut feelings on that.

Thank you for reading this article. Hope you will find your best free psychic reading by phone with our help.


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