Fortune Teller Online: A Guide to Your Fate

Many people are searching fortune teller online and trying to find it with easy way. This article is guide and here you will find what you should know about fortune telling.

Have you ever felt that everything is not happening according to what you want? Do people around you know something but you felt nobody is telling you the truth or keeping something from you? Did you ever have a feeling that you need to know something yet you are lost on how you would even start? There are some things or happenings that need to be explained, yet you cannot find any logical answers to it.

Some seek counseling to help themselves understand why people treat them in a certain way and what triggers such reaction. Others directly confront people to get the matter straight. Better yes, but, it depends on how prepared you are to see the other person’s reaction. But when all things are done yet nothing changes or the situation is still bleak, there are still alternative means of knowing the truth. Out of curiosity, amusement or sheer desperation, people turn to the paranormal side to understand things. Who would not want to know if your crush has a crush on you too? Or your ex-lover have hope to be together again? Or will there ever be a chance to win the lottery next week? We are no different from our ancestors.

Once upon a time, when they look up the sky and see lightning flashing and hurled on the ground, they will tell you that their god is angry, so they shoot their weapons on earth to make the mortals feel they are gods, and all shall bow before them. Or if the land is dry yet they did everything to irrigate it, they turn to the village elder/priest/priestess to ask what their god wants. That village elder/priest/priestess acts as an intermediary between their God and the people. In the olden times, this is the uniform practice.

Right now, at this modern age, we still do that Apart from religious leaders, political icons and other influential people, we used intermediaries to provide an explanation what happens in our life. Some individuals already know your fate the moment you are born in this world just by looking at some tea leaves in a cup or by flashing cards in succession. Some would just look at your hand and tell you how many children you will have in the future or just by looking at your face you will know whether you will be successful in your business venture. Before engaging the services of these gifted people, you would have to climb the steepest mountain trail no different from what you see in the kung fu movies, or you would have to go to the forest just to consult with them. But like metropolitan or city dwellers, they also evolve. Hey, they are no different from you and me at this point. They already know how to use the Internet and the best thing about it? They advertise their services now. The best thing about the Internet is everything is made available and the proliferation of fortune tellers online are not an exception. They now have the equal opportunity to reach more people. So no matter what part you are in the world, you can rest assure that you will now find answers to your questions ASAP, even real time. They have a lot of designations these days: online fortune tellers, psychics, spiritual consultants or advisors. For the uninitiated, here are some things you should know about modern fortune tellers:

Fortune Teller Online

The Psychic Look

This is typically what you see in the movies: Some old lady will sit at a table with some lighted globe and speak in some modulated voice. Not! The modern fortune teller online or psychic can be attired the same just the same as you and me with some modifications. You would notice that they wore some amulets or they draped themselves in some special scarf. Some of them explained that it protected them from people or misfortune, or it attracts some good vibes. Their room where the reading takes place whether online or in an actual place have a lot of figures or icons or mantras which according to them help them or protected them from something, whatever that is This is uniform in all fortune tellers or psychics who do practice this kind of stuff on a regular basis. Some psychics allowed themselves to be observed by video when they are online so that people know they are dealing with real people.

Basic Things Fortune Teller Online Need From You

Some practitioners of the art would require you to join them in an incantation before starting the reading. Others go straight to the point. But it depends on who you would be engaging. A typical fortune teller online would ask you about your name or birthday through chat, voice or video call. Other personal circumstances might be asked for clarification. Some claim it will make the fortune reading more accurate, or their guides require it Well, of course, your payment is included. There’s already a field provided for that on their website or other means available for the wire transfer or money transfer agencies. They have rates per hour or per minute, Some psychics give you a free reading at first but if you have subsequent questions, you would have to be charged already, or they will stop talking to you altogether. Reasonable enough. There’s nothing free in this world. And in exchange for your money, they would have to pay for it with their energy, that is, granting they are the authentic breed of psychics.

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Paranormal Services

Not all psychics are created equal. There is no uniform rule that they use only one form or means of reading your fortune. That largely depends on what they are comfortable with or what would bring out what needs to be known. Fortune tellers online offer a variety of means through which they determine some things about you. Some of these are through:

1. Crystal gazing – Definitely the globe is not lighted. The smooth and perfectly round crystal ball they used is some form of clear quartz (which is an earthly mineral you can see in the periodic table) synced with their energies through which they see the things that you need some clarification. This is not some clear glass fishbowl you see in the movies which are the common misconception about psychics doing their reading. Crystal gazing is also called crystallomancy.

2. Tarot Reading – Also known as taromancy. This is one of the most common means of knowing your fate or fortune through which a deck of illustrated cards is shuffled and picked. In an actual reading, the person who wants his life to be read will be the one to pick the cards. But online, the choice is which the fortune teller whether he or she will be the one to pick the card or you. A general reading will be done first with a set of cards that you or the fortune teller online will pick. The fortune teller would interpret the cards based on what he or she reads at the moment what’s going on your mind, your family, finances, among other things, after which, you may now ask for something very specific. It may also be of your future life if you ask it.

3. Palmistry – This is one of the oldest means of fortune telling in which the lines of both hands are analyzed to give you an overview of what you do in your life and what is your current state. The psychic in actual reading would see your hand; some touch your hand to feel your energy or some just look at it After which, they will give an analysis to you.

4. Clairvoyance – Those, who claim to have real psychic gifts, know from the moment they see you in person or on the computer screen your auras, your state of mind, your attachment and connection with other people or if there are spirits around you, as well as your guides. It’s like you are an open book and you are just there to supplement some things.

5. Face Reading – Like clairvoyance, from the moment the psychic sets his or her eyes upon you, he or she already knows some of your characteristics like if you are friendly, generous, outgoing, etc. Whereas, clairvoyance concentrates reading on things you cannot see, face reading deals with your obvious physical features like the specific position of the moles on your face, the shape of your lips, eyes, ears or nose, your gestures, the way you look or smile. The reading gives an overview of your attitude and how you deal with others.

6. Pendulum Reading – Through this kind of reading, an object (usually a metal or crystal) is attached to a string and suspended in mid-air. A client will ask some questions answerable by yes or no after which the pendulum will move by the corresponding answer. The psychic will do nothing but just hold the string or to assist the client, would ask the question himself. But nothing is done with the movement of the crystal or metal suspended

7. Astrology – So far, this is common because you see this in every newspaper and yearly some companies have published a reading of your life from January 1 to December 31. Why? Because astrology denotes upon the moment of your birth, your fate is already written. But what makes astrology in the newspaper and the one read by a psychic different? The one in the newspaper and in the publications are general readings. They will just give you an overview of your life but not exactly it It is good if things are exactly how it turns out to be as predicted. But think again. You are not the only one born on July 4. 2001. There might be hundreds or thousands of children born on that date. It will be ridiculous to think that everyone born on that date does the same thing on whatever part of the globe. Your race, your home, your family, friends, and other personal circumstances are different. The only thing common is your birth date. You will still have a different fate. Those done by psychics will provide something more specific.

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Psychics or fortune tellers would use a combination of these readings to validate the question being asked because some readings are meant to be supplemented to ensure their accuracy to to further elaborate on some things. These are only some of the most common practices but there are still others depending on the culture or country of origin.

Word of Warning: Be Prepared

Before you come to a reading, whether in actual or fortune teller online, you must be very emotionally stable. You must condition yourself that the fortune teller’s opinion is no different from what you hear from your friends, family or co-workers. You must be at peace with yourself no matter how curious you are or how desperate you are You may hear some good things. But there might be some unsettling things you may hear which may disturb or bother you so much. Unless you are prepared to know what it is, do not go to a reading.

Taboo or Prohibited Things They Specifically Would Not Tell (Which They Let You Know Anyway)

There are some psychics or fortune tellers who have their own code of conduct in reading people. Some would specifically tell you that they will not read anything that would have to do with your impending death or state of health. Others would tell you outright that even if you asked them some things during the reading, they cannot disclose it to you or divulge it because their guides forbid it from being revealed at the moment or the person being read would have to find out for themselves. In this case, do not take any offense. It is not a question of their ability to see the truth but rather they are also sensitive to your needs. They do not want to be responsible for what will happen to you because some information may not be appropriate or lead you to do something more disastrous which would make you act on it There are also some days that the psychic or fortune teller online would do their reading. Some explain that they are at the peak of their ability on those times or that is the proper time that person should allow himself to be read.

How To Know if the Fortune Teller Online is Telling the Truth or Can Predict the Future

Some fortune tellers answer you in general terms like “You will get married soon.” Others answer your questions with specific accuracy like they can tell you exactly what part of you room you left your keys and what is engrave in your key chain. Some can see things happening within a certain time frame; others do not provide such information. It depends on their ability to see and it depends on your instinct. Like you and me, they also have strengths and weaknesses. That’s why some are more popular than others. You will feel sincerity if it is the truth even if it is something not good. There are some things that the psychic will say which may not really fit with your life right now It is something that has already passed or is about to happen yet. But you will be the ultimate judge of that because a lot of things discussed between the two of you are personal. Just like after a military operation, you must debrief yourself after a reading. Yes, you learned something but do not let it sink in you especially when you learned something bad.

Word of Advice

As I have previously mentioned, you should treat a fortune teller’s reading no different from those around you There are a lot of instances that some people attest to the accuracy of a fortune teller’s reading so they always come back again…and again…and again. Some people begin to depend upon readings so they never make a decision unless they make a consultation with their favorite psychic first. A fortune teller’s readings and predictions should serve only as a guide and not to be treated as a road map of your life. There will be times that resort to such must be made but not always. Your actions will determine your fate and all of us have the free will to do anything in our life because we have choices. If there are issues in your life that needs to be threshed out, it should be addressed properly. Our life is molded by cause and effect and can change in an instant. In the end, nobody can really predict what will happen. But your actions can change everything and nobody, not even God, can stop that.

I hope this article helped you and you will find best fortune teller online with our help.

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