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Easy Psychic Love Spells That Really Work

Lost love can cause agony and simple love spells will bring you peace. Easy psychic love spells that really work can bring immediate results, and start working right away.

A love spell will be perfect if you are looking for a committed and long term relationship. Finding a certain soul mate that you’re supposed to marry, or even finding lost love will need a true spell for love. However, if this kind of relationship is not what you are searching for then I am sorry, there are no spells for you. Relationships end at one time or the other. You can become lonely and need someone to lighten up your mornings. I am talking about a very special person who will make you happy and love you. It is not that easy to find such a person. It needs a lot of patience and time, something many people do not have.

Thanks to psychic love spells, finding that special someone couldn’t be easier. Such spells employ a bit of magic that will help you find that missing spark in your life. There are many different types of love spells. Some are easy while some are complex. We are going to look at some of the easy love spells. All the details are explained below.

Popular types of easy psychic love spells that really work

To tie the knot

For this spell to work, one will need the following:

  • White sand
  • A fresh rose preferably one having a stern
  • 2 gold rings
  • A white rope

Thick yarn can serve the purpose, but the string will not work. It may not end in marriage, but the rings will help channel true love to you These rings are a very powerful symbol. Take the rope and make a knot at the center and ensure the stem of the rose is in it Put the rings on both ends of the rope till they reach the knot down at the center. In the sand and on the floor, draw a circle that is enough to accommodate the rose and put it in the center. Repeat the following words after sitting at the west side of the circle: “By this knot, I stir the pot. By this rose, the power flows. By these rings, my love I bring.” Then hold your hands and concentrate your energy on the rose not forgetting the real love you desire to bring. All you need to do is repeat the words 3 times and leave everything on the floor for 1 week.

Pearls of love

For this spell for love to work you will need the following:

This spell gets the love energy moving by drawing from the element of water which is quite strong. Fill up the bowl with water, rain water should work just fine. Spring or bottled water can also work. Lay the cloth you have on top of your altar. Ask the earth to bring you the one real love you desire. Make sure you do this while holding the 3 pearls in your hands. Rotate around the bowl just once and then drop the pearls into the bowl one by one Make sure you drop each pearl after the other one has fully settled to the bottom. Using a spoon take out a little water and drink it Again, ask the earth to bring your soul mate to you Now ensure you wait until all the water in the bowl has completely evaporated. Take the pearls and carry them with you once there is no more water in the bowl.

Letter of love spell

This love spell seems to lack the “traditional” magical ingredients such as crystals or even herbs. This spell has some very powerful symbolism and it should be carried ideally on a Friday night. You will need the following for the spell to work:

Take the red marker and write down all the qualities you want your soulmate to possess. Ensure that you do so by being very specific and realistic. Make sure you do not mention any names. Take your favorite spray and give the paper a single spray and then fold it nicely into the envelope. Carry the petals in your arms and start thinking about all the qualities you want your soul mate to have Think about how you would want your relationship to be. Just try and think of anything good about your soul mate. Now take the petals and put them into the envelope and seal it nicely. Apply some lipstick on your lips and then plant a massive kiss on any side outside that envelope. Take the envelope and keep it somewhere secure and do not open it Once you have found your soul mate you can go ahead and destroy it.

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easy psychic love spells that really work

Perfect partner candle spell

I don’t think that there is anything more romantic than a psychic love spell with candles, so romantic. During the first phase of the spell the candles are not lit. When the right time comes, one will get to see that flickering flame as the spell is cast. This easy love spell can be used to attract a precise person, but it is recommended that you just let the universe bring the right soul mate to you Let the universe decide. One should not use the exact names of people. Collect your supplies:

  • Pink chalk
  • Candle holders
  • 1 white candle
  • Pink cloth
  • 1 other candle preferably your favorite color

If your house does not have some altar space, then you will have to clear up some good space because it takes many days for this spell to work. Take the white candle, hold it in your hand and start thinking about the qualities you want your soul mate to have. Mention all the qualities you want loudly while at the same time putting all your concentration on the candle since it represents your future soul mate. Afterwards, take the other candle and begin saying all the qualities that you are going to bring into the relationship you are hoping to find. This other candle represents you. Now take the pink cloth and spread it well. Place both candles in their holders and put them both on either side of the pink cloth. Using the pink chalk, draw a large heart in the middle of the cloth. Every evening, try and concentrate on all the qualities that you are looking for. Do not forget to focus on the candles. Every day, move both candles a little closer to the middle until they are close to the center of the heart you drew. The number of days it is going to take to bring the candles close together will depend on the distance you move them every day. Once both candles are close together, draw another heart outside the first one. This is the time to ask the goddess of love you prefer to grant your request as you light up the two candles. Every evening light the candles and allow them to burn for the time you can until they are all finished. It will take quite some time before this spell works, so all you need to do is to be patient.

Jumping bean spell

If you are looking to return your lover back to you, then this is the right spell. This easy love spell will need you to go and do some shopping unless you have a fully stocked inventory of magic equipment. You will need the following:

  • A candle with a human shaped figure
  • Tonka beans
  • A bowel that is heat resistant

Commence the spell on a Friday night and if possible when the moon is full. Now just alongside the candle, curve the name of your lover and then light the candle. Do this while you are thinking about the lover you lost. Take 3 beans and put them in the bowl. Once this is done, place the bowel over a fire and heat. When the beans in the bowel start to snap call his or her name loudly and tell the spell to bring back your lover. Extinguish the candle and repeat the same procedure for 2 nights. Once you do all that the Jumping Bean Spell will do the rest and things will roll for you.

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Be my bath spell

This is one of the easy love spells that can help you bring back your lover. I cannot imagine better way to bring back your lover than to soak yourself in a bath that is rose scented. The following are the things you will need for this spell to work:

  • White candles
  • 2 drops of rose attar
  • Chamomile essential oil
  • Pink rose petals
  • 1/2 cup of calendula blossoms
  • A nice photo of you and your lover

Select a nice photo of both of you preferably one where you shared a happy time together or with friends. If you happen to have two separate photos you can cut them out and then tape them close together. For those who have no photos at all, this spell will not help you. Set up a warm bath in the tab and then light the candles. Do not worry about the number of candles since it is not significant. The only thing that matters is the atmosphere that you are going to create. Take the oil and petals and add them to the water. Take the photos and tape them on the wall, a place where you can have a good look at them while you soak yourself in the tab. Take as much time as you can, soak yourself and enjoy the warm scented water in the tab. Think about the good times you had with your lover. Make sure while thinking about that your focus is also on the photos on the wall. After taking the bath for some time, remove the photos from the wall and place them on your altar and wait for your lover to come back to you.

Lover return incense

This type of love spell is not that complete as the others. You know simple psychic love spells don’t have to be all complex for them to do their job. For this spell to work you only need charcoal, dragon’s blood resin and ground cardamom. Mix the resin and cardamom together. Sprinkle some on a charcoal tablet that is lit. Allow the smoke to drift out through the window to help bring your lover right back to you.

The magnetic attraction spell

This spell is cast to attract and help bring someone into your life. In casting this spell you use the earth’s magnetic power to bring you closer to the person of your intentions. You need a magnetic lodestone, rose oil, vanilla oil and a thread. You take the lodestone and apply both vanilla and rose oil on both sides. Focus your internal energy on the stone and the energy flowing into you from the stone. Make some sort of necklace with the stone. With spell you need to interact with a lot of people so that the earth’s power draws someone to you.

The ritual of awakening love in a woman

This incantation is repeated at night as much as possible, in the time period when young moon from day to day is becoming fuller. It is believed that it is almost always effective:

“With the almighty arrow of love I pierce your heart, woman! Love that creates discomfort, which will overwhelm you, love for me! The arrow that flies true and right, will inflame your desire. Its top is my love, and my determination to own you! Well, your heart is pierced. The arrow has hit the target.  With these skills, I mastered your reluctance, you’ve changed! Come to me, obey, without pride, as I do without it just as I am full of desire! Your mother will be powerless to prevent your arrival, and the father of yours will not be able to prevent! You are all in my power.  Deprive her of the willpower! I, just I, have the power over the heart and mind of my loved one…”

This magical incantation requires production of the arrow and waving with an arrow that has a physical counterpart of the imaginary love arrow. As with other acts of this kind, the ceremony can be performed by a lover, but also by the person that wants to cast the spell.

Love is one of the world’s great pleasures, and these easy psychic love spells that really work help us tap into even greater abundance.

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