5 Best Christian Books On Dreams And Visions

In this article, we are going to look at some of the Christian books on dreams and visions that are available for your help when it comes to understanding the way God speaks to us.

God says in his word, that he uses dreams and visions to speak to all who believe in Him. In the life of a Christian, it is important for you to understand what God is communicating. Sometimes you may have strange dreams whose meaning you do not understand. At times you might encounter symbolic signs that are messages from God, but due to ignorance of His ways, you miss out on what our father is trying to say. You do not have to worry any longer as there is a lot of literature out there about how God uses dreams and visions to tell us things about our lives and of those around us. Just as it was in the days of old, still reveals His will and purpose in our lives through our subconscious stale. Many authors have written extensively on this topic. In this article, we are going to look at some of the Christian books on dreams and visions that are available for your help when it comes to understanding the way God speaks to us. Some of these books are as follows:

Dreams and Visions: Understanding Your Dreams and How God Can Use Them To Speak To You Today

by Jane Hamon

This book is available on Amazon. In her book, Jane Hamon uses simple and clear language to talk about ways in which we can fathom God’s message. She reminds us that as indicated in Acts 2:17 by the apostle Paul. it is God’s intention that everyone can discern His message that is more often than not brought to us in dreams, Jane’s book is mainly factual. She tells us the characteristics of false dreams and what to do to avert the omens forebode by dreams. This book is handy when it comes to understanding your dreams and how you can communicate with God through them. in addition, the author talks of the mental basis of dreams and how we can set our psychology to correspond with God spiritually. The book is suitable for people who are still novices in the field of dreams and visions. Its factual nature makes it suitable for those who doubt God’s use of dreams to speak with people. However, the author does not completely exhaust the issue of interpretation of dreams, leaving us with some unanswered questions. That notwithstanding, the book is a good beginner’s guide and l would recommend it for skeptics. It is also suitable for a family member who do not believe your spiritual encounters through dreams. Through personal experiences, Jane shows the transformational power of dreams. Jane Hammon is a pastor at the Christian lnternational Family Church in Florida, which is led by her husband Tom. She uses her gift in teaching to
spread the Gospel of Christ in communities locally and abroad. Her work ” Dreams and Visions: Understanding Your Dreams and How God Can Use Them To Speak To You Today ” is a 176 page book by Regal Publishers.

Dreams and Visions: Understanding Your Dreams and How God Can Use Them To Speak To You Today

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How To lnterpret Dreams and Visions: Understanding God’s Warnings and Guidance

by Perry Stone

Perry Stone gives us a step by step guide on the hidden symbols in dreams and what they mean. He also enlightens us of the fact that we sometimes dismiss specific messages from God as just strange dreams. in his well researched book, he gives us tips on how we can identify dreams sent to us by God and know what kind of vision it is. Also, Perry gives us the reasons we have bad dreams and visions of the dead. More to that, the writer distinguishes between authentic visions and false dreams and goes further to explain the underlying spirits in both instances. Perry does not stop there in his bid to have us gain a complete understanding of dreams as he expounds on the implications of a repetitive dream. He shows us the power of prayer in stalling the outcomes that are indicated in the dreams. In the book, you are given a concise key to unlocking the meanings of certain things that you may dream about. These include animals, natural elements, household items, foods and tools of war. After reading this book, you will have totally different outlooks of dreams. While some books only focus on the significance of dreams to show the coming of God’s blessings, Perry makes us aware of the fact that they can also be used to warn us of impending doom if we do not heed God’s commands. In this regard, he draws parallels to biblical instances where dreams were used to shape the course of God’s people. At times, understanding of God’s will as illustrated in dreams can be a matter of life and death. The numerous scriptures quoted in the book help to make this fact clearer. This book is surely every believers manual when it comes to deciphering dreams. Perry’s vast knowledge and honesty on the subject matter makes him a good authority on it. Some of the new things that you are likely to learn in the book are things such as double dreams and visions within dreams. In nutshell, Perry cites Job 33 as the verse that encompasses the whole idea of dreams and their importance. Perry Stone is a famous American Televangelist and writer of various books and publications. Through mass media, he endeavors to spread the Word of God to as many people as possible. His book ” How To lnterpret Dreams and Visions: Understanding God’s Warnings and Guidance ” is 256 pages of pure enlightenment on dreams and visions. It is published at Charisma House.

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How to Interpret Dreams and Visions: Understanding God's warnings and guidance

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The Divinity Code to Understanding your dreams and Visions

by Adam Thompson, Adrian Beale and Patricia King

The Divinity Code to understanding your Dreams and Visions provides useful insights into the interpretation of dreams. It tells us how we can unlock the secrets of heaven that are hidden from our eyes (Colossians). By understanding these mysteries, we can then be able to live a life of fulfillment in accordance to God’s will. Adam and company provides us win ample tools to enable us get a full understanding of the workings of dreams. These include the meanings of symbols, names, places and other attributes of dreams. In addition, Adam helps us identify false interpretations that could be advanced by evil sources to lead us astray. He urges us to accept the God,s divine way of communication as it is His invitation to fellowship with Him in higher spiritual realms. This book is your ultimate solution for dream interpretation. It gives you a road map that you can follow throughout the process; from start to finish. Its agreement with biblical scripture is uncanny which gives it great authenticity. Through dreams, God protects us from harm as we are his beloved and he has good plans for us. He wants the best for us and that he why He chooses to speak to us in this special way. However, Satan tries to distort God’s message. Some of the things that we see in dreams such as frightful situations or when we dream about ourselves sinning are schemes of the evil one to wrought fear and condemnation. We are encouraged to pray in such situations that the Devil will not prevail over our hearts and minds. The intense nature of the book makes it unsuitable for a person who is not so experienced in matters of dreams and spiritual warfare. Foundational knowledge of the intricacies of dreams is necessary so that you do not find the book alarmist. All of the statements made in the book can be verified in the Word of God through in depth study. Also if you are looking for a step by step guide of dream analysis, this is not the book for you. The authors emphasize on the importance of having an understanding of the Bible as a prerequisite to interpretation of dreams. Adrian Beale is a teacher of God’s prophecies and a long time pastor. His co-author Adam Thompson is an expert in reading symbolic signs. Their 600 page book, ” The Divinity Code to Understanding your dreams and Visions ” by Destiny lmage Publishers.

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The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions

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The Dream Language: The Prophetic Power of Dreams, Revelations and the Spirit of Wisdom

by James W. Goll, Michael Ann Goll and Chuck Pierce

The Golls say that the concept of listening to God through dreams has been around since the days of Daniel. It is only we Christians have been ignorant of this fact for so long. The authors say that dreams are God’s unique way of communicating to us and it s only through receiving and understanding these subtle messages that we can be able to know and do His desires. Through this book, James and his wife Ann aim to open our eyes to the mysteries of dreams so that we can be in communion with our God. They make us aware of the kinds of dreams that exists, The book is also very handy in helping us determine the origin of dreams and how we should respond to the dreams that we experience. They say that some dreams are of demonic inspiration and we should be wary of these. The authors also highlight some of the impediments to our dreams and tells us what to do in order to coax the dreams to recur. In this way we can get more clarity from God. These ministers who have spend enormous
amounts of time studying God’s word and waiting on the Father to reveal himself to them tell us that our dreams can be hampered by other people. They tell us to be wary of those who are out to take away our dreams or to dissuade us from getting the blessings that He has ordained for us. In addition, they provide a reference to some of the common images that we encounter in our dreams and their meanings. The couple also go on to share their personal experiences with dreams. Through this, they were able to learn how to listen to what God tells them through dreams. James Goll is a senior minister at Prayer Storm. He has authored several books on many other topics such as lntercession and Prophecy. His book ” The Dream Language: The Prophetic Power of Dreams, Revelations and the Spirit of Wisdom ” is a 256 page manuscript on divine revelation. It is published at Destiny lmage Publishers.

Dream Language: The Prophetic Power of Dreams, Revelations, and the Spirit of Wisdom

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Dream Encounters: Seeing Your Destiny From God’s Perspective

by Barbie Breathitt

ln her book, Barbie opens our eyes to God’s hidden messages in dreams. She goes into detail to outline the significance of specific attributes of dreams that have not been focused on by previous writers. These include colors, numbers and certain types of people and events. Barbie Breathitt is a missionary and a teacher of the word of God. Through her TV, radio and publishing ministries, she has won many souls for Christ.

Dream Encounters: Seeing Your Destiny from God's Perspective

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The Christian books on dreams and visions that have been focused on are just a few of the numerous resources out there on the topic. Each book is designed for a specific audience. If you are a novice who has been having strange dreams which you do not understand or you have been communicating with God for a long time in this way and would like to grow in your level of fellowship, there is something for you. The important thing is for you to identify where you are at so that you can get the appropriate resource for yourself. And as the writers of the books emphasize, understanding of God’s message in dreams cannot be divorced from his inspired word, the Bible, which he gave to us a guide in our daily lives. The dreams only serve to reinforce what God has already told us in His Word. Any interpretation should be based on the Holy scriptures. And as for those who do not believe in dreams and visions, I assure you that your perspectives will be changed after reading these books.

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