Break Up Spells That Work Fast

Love is the greatest gift we can give and receive in this life, but our hearts are not always open to this wonderful treasure. Sometimes the people we wish to love are hidden behind individuals who block them from receiving these positive feelings. In this article we will be talking about break up spells that work fast, and like any spell our journey begins with intent.

Intent and Meditation

Your intent when starting any spell is paramount to its success, and you must channel energy through all four major elements, all four corners of the Earth, and focus your mind on the path your spell shall take. To achieve this focus it is first recommended that you sit in a form of meditation, and visualize yourself as a hub of magical energy that will be later transformed into your break up spell. Before you begin to realize the intent for your spell you must amass the raw power within you and hold it within your core for later use in channeling the break up spell. There are many methods of meditation you can practice to achieve your build up of energy, but I will highlight two key methods that I use on a regular basis.

Meditation within a Pentagram

Meditation and energy focus within a pentagram, or five pointed star is a common practice among Wiccans and witches alike, and can be an excellent way to channel your magical energy for a spell through each point of the pentagram. It can be achieved simply with only your own body and concentration. To start you can lie on your back in a darkened room and stretch your legs out in a V and your arms straight out to your sides making a five pointed star shape with your body. Create a power center within the crown of your head to begin and slowly feel the energy amassing there move towards your left foot, tracing the shape of a traditional five pointed star through your body. Then move the energy from your left foot to your right hand, and from there to your left hand, through your right foot and then back to your crown. If the steps are repeated during a meditation session, you can easily channel your energy through your own body and create a center of power within yourself to strengthen your intent for your break up spells.

Zazen or Zen Meditation

Practiced by monks all over Asia, Zazen meditation is done in the lotus position, sitting on a round cushion with your back straight, legs crossed and the backs of the hands resting in the lap. Zazen is never practiced directly on the floor, rather a cushion is placed beneath your hips and your knees touch the ground. If you don’t have a round cushion you can easily use a pillow or folded blanket. Your eyes should be open and facing a non distracting place like a plain wall, this helps prevent you from daydreaming while attempting to meditate. Breathe deeply and soundly as you enter a state of meditation, allow all unrelated thoughts and feelings from your magic to exit your body with each exhale, and with every inhale let the energy of the earth flow into you and fuel your intent.

Whichever method you choose to focus yourself and your energies will be the start of the transference of magical energy from the center of power (you) to the target of your intent. There are many ways to implement this amassed energy you now have inside you, into many spells found in spell books and webpages all over, but in my personal experience the two break up spells that work fast I would choose to use over any other spell is the creation of a Separation Jar or the burning of a Relationship Icon. Firstly I will cover the creation and application of the Separation Jar.

break up spells that work fast

Bottling Your Intent

The Separation Jar is a physical object (or memento) you imbue with the energies and properties of natural items, items related to your intent, and your own magical energies. The Jar has many stages before it can be finally used to let go of the power you have bound to it, so let me begin with the explaining Jar itself.

The Jar can be any glass bottle or jar you have, something that can withstand becoming an anchor for your intent. A typical jar spell will start off with a jelly jar or small mason jar. It must be clean, and I recommend cleansing the Jar with blessed water before using it for spell work. The now clean Jar is where you will be channeling your intent for separation into, and will hold onto it until the completion of the spell. It must be present with you when you finally release your magical energies that have built up during meditation. There are no special items required to imbue the Jar with your intent, just you and the Jar placed in front of you as your focus. Make the jar or bottle your focal point once you have completed meditating, and focus all your raw power into specified intent to separate or break up into the glass of the jar. You should continue to let your intent flow from your power center to the Jar until you feel completely drained of your magic. This is your body telling you that your magical energy is now outside of yourself, and the Jar is ready to be filled with items that will further focus your spell.

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Recommended Items for Separation Jar

  • A White Feather

A white feather representing your conviction for the outcome of the spell, for breaking negative or bad ties, and of change. This should be gently placed within the jar. The type of bird which the white feather comes from is not important for this spell.

  • A Photograph or Drawing of The Couple

If it is a couple you wish to break up, have a photo or a drawing of the two of them together and tear the photo into two halves, one person on each halve. The person you with to detach from the relationship’s half of the image should be burned and the ashes placed inside the bottom of the jar. The grey color of the ash represent cancelling out all good feelings within the relationship. The other half, the half of the picture with the person you wish to save from being in a negative relationship should be kept outside of the jar and on your person until the completion of the spell.

  • Vinegar

Any type of vinegar should do, just pour a spoonful into the jar to represent something good turning sour.

  • Salt

Salt is used in witchcraft mainly for rituals of purification, but in this case a pinch of salt added to the jar will purify their hearts of each other. And finally

  • Needles or Tooth Picks

For this last item you need an odd number of sharp and pointy things to represent harsh and harmful words being exchanged between the couple. Any small items with a point would work, it’s the intent that matters the most in this case.

Once all items have been placed inside the jar, seal it tightly and swirl the contents around while again focusing your intent for the break up spell, separating two people from each other, removing a negative person from either your life or someone else’s life. Although the steps may seem complicated, most of what’s on the list are household items and can be put together quite quickly and cheaply. Now that you have your Separation Jar complete, store it in a dark part of your room to send out a stream of your intent in the form of a break up spell. Repeat this step daily, removing the jar from its hiding spot and giving it a shake, reasserting your intent.

The Conclusion of the Separation Jar

In a few weeks the spell will have worked itself around the couple in question. Once you start seeing the effects of your spell, take the jar and start the completion ritual. This is a simple completion ritual that can be done with the jar, a garden trowel and any cross roads. A cross roads for magical rituals is a single road splitting into two, commonly called a fork in the road and is the location you should eventually end your spell at by burying the Separation Jar in the dirt by any of these roads. Say a prayer while doing so, thanking the Earth for aiding you in your endeavor and releasing the energy still in the jar to be recycled for other uses. Now I will cover the second of my recommended spells.

Burning a Relationship Icon Spell

This spell requires fewer steps than the Separation Jar and can be completed quicker as well, but it is suggested you limit using this spell to the three day period of the Full Moon for strongest casting. Like the second item deposited in the Separation Jar, we need to make a representation of the couple we wish to break up, but instead of using photographs or pictures, we will use two cards from a standard 52 deck of cards. The first card you must remove from the deck is a King or Queen of hearts, depending on the gender of the person in the couple you care for You will then write the name of that person on the top left corner of the card in black ink. The next card is again either a King or Queen but this time from the Spade suit, representing the negative person in the relationship that you wish to see broken off. Write their name on the top right corner of the card. These two cards are now our representation of each individual in the couple that you wish to be separated and will be used in the Burning Icon Spell. While you are writing the names on each card, your intent must be clear and channeling through you to the cards. While finding each card within the deck and writing out each individuals name your intent to have them fight, draw away from one another and eventually to break up should be strong and focused.

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Now that you have your icons or representation cards, you should begin to set up for the burning. You need:

  • A Fireproof Work Area

Some sort of glass or stone work space where you can safely burn the icons without worry of scorching, or dripping of wax. Working on a wooden tabletop is not recommended.

  • A Fire Source

A lighter or a match will do, but be careful.

  • Candles

Preferably two candles, one white and one black but any candles will do.

  • Containers

The last thing you’ll need are two mall containers to collect the ash from the Icons as you burn them.

Like I said before, this spell is relatively simple, but because of it’s simplicity your intent must be extremely strong and crisp as you work through it so that it has a higher chance of success.

Again start by meditating and channeling your magical energies, and once you are satisfied with how much energy you have amassed, sit at your work area and begin the spell. Your raw energy should now be changing into specific intent to break up the couple you have in mind. Taking the cards place them side by side to visualize them together. Set one candle on either side of the cards and light them. If you have both a black and a white candle, set the black candle next to the negative persons card and the white candle next to the other card. As you light the candles, visualize a spark of unhappiness, anger, and strife between the couple. This represents the beginning of their break up.

Now move each card away from the other, again signifying the spark growing and moving each person away from each other. The first card to be burned is the negative persons card, the King or Queen of Spades. It should be lifted in the right hand and the left corner should be burned by the candle flame and left to slowly consume the card. Make sure the candle you use to burn the card is the candle occupying the same side as that card. Hold the now burning card over the dish or container to collect the falling ash. As the negative persons card burns, visualize their half of the relationship crumbling around them.

Once the card is burned and all ash is within the container, you can begin on the other card. The card representing the positive person in the relationship or the King or Queen of Hearts will be burned similarly, from the right corner of the card and until it is totally consumed by the flame. Imagine that person, the person you care about becoming aware of the negatives of the relationship they are in, realizing they are unhappy and could do better. Similarly collect the ash of this card in the second container.

Now that the main part of the spell is complete, you can complete it by scattering the ashes. One ash can be scattered at the north side of a tree, and the other at the south side of the tree representing a blockage between the two of them. This spell can be repeated on each day of the three days of Full Moon for optimal strength.

Whichever spell you decide to use in your quest to break up or separate, remember that your intent is of prime importance when casting a spell of any design. You are your own center of power and your intent is what creates break up spells that work fast and changes your world.

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