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What is Astral Projection or Astral Travel?

When somebody astral projects it is believed that their conscious mind leaves their physical body and enters what is known as the astral body. This skill comes naturally to a lot of people, often from childhood but with others hard work and practice are needed.  Astral projection is also known by other names, the most popular being Astral Travel (or travelling) and Out of Body Experiences.  Another common term often used to describe the Out of Body Experience is OOBE. This is just an abbreviation.

People who astral travel often claim to see a silver umbilical cord linking their astral body to their physical body. Some believe this umbilical link is needed to ensure the conscious mind can find its way back to the physical body. The astral body can travel any distance independent of time or location and can traverse great distances in the blink of an eye. This enables an astral traveller to explore remote areas, visit places they have never physically been before and see things that they have never seen before.  These skills have been employed by several different government agencies in the past to spy on and investigate other world governments taking part in secret projects.  The most notorious of these was project Stargate.  When astral travel is used in this context it is usually referred to as Remote Viewing.  We cover Remote Viewing in more detail in another article on this site.

Learning How to Astral Project

There are several methods that you may employ to Astral Travel.  Whichever method you choose or find easiest to use, you can be pretty sure that it will involve deep relaxation and some ability to meditate.  This is essential, as leaving the physical body requires that the conscious mind and the physical body separate.  As you can imagine, to somebody that isn’t very experienced at this the thought of their conscious mind leaving their physical body can be quite daunting and it is this reason that the body and mind need to be in a very relaxed but attentive state. One of the biggest obstacles people meet when trying to astral project is fear of the unknown.  Students will often learn the deep meditation and relaxation techniques and easily get within reach of leaving their bodies but at the last minute before leaving their physical body fear sets in and prevents any further success.  Overcoming this fear is one of the most important steps that somebody who is learning astral travel can achieve.

There really is nothing to fear when it comes to leaving your body.  A lot of more experienced practitioners believe that everybody travels outside of their body at night after they have fallen asleep.  This is believed to happen after you’ve fallen asleep and your subconscious mind has taken over from your conscious mind.  A lot of people worry that their physical body is somehow vulnerable if they were to leave and travel around in the astral plane.  This is simply not the case, no harm can come to you or your physical body when you are astral projecting.

Unless you’re naturally gifted, you will need to master a relaxation technique of some sort that will get your mind into the relaxed state that it needs to be to move onto the next step.  Once you have got used to relaxing to a sufficient level you will be able to attempt actually leaving your physical form and entering the astral realm. Due to the fact that there are so many relaxation techniques available I will simply go into what I personally do to relax before I attempt Astral Projection.  Following the directions below will enable you to become very relaxed but at the same time attentive.  This is required to prevent yourself falling asleep.  Relaxed attentiveness is key to maintaining your awareness whilst leaving your physical body.

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Astral Projection Relaxation Techniques

Before you start this technique I would just like to go over one point and that is your breathing technique. You will often find that meditation guides specifically teach breathing techniques that involved drawing air through the nose and exhaling through the mouth or vice versa.  These techniques are often based around ancient methods and have a lot to do with energy centres, chakras and energy flows around the body.  In my personal experience following these techniques to the letter has never been necessary, I have found it more important to concentrate on the relaxation process itself more than breathing techniques.  I would advise you to breathe in a manner that you find comfortable and natural.

Step One: Try and find somewhere that you can either sit or lie and be quiet without too many distractions or background noise.  The more you perform this relaxation technique the more you will be able to block out distractions. In the early stages I would advise that you find somewhere comfortable and quiet.  Most people find the lying down position the best but if you have a favourite comfortable chair this will do just as well.

Step Two: With your eyes closed, lie perfectly still and just become aware of each part your body.  Concentrate on each part of your body in turn starting at your feet moving up through your legs, through your abdomen, hands, arms, shoulders, neck and head.  At this stage you don’t actually have to do anything just lie still for five minutes and just develop awareness about each part of your body.  You may feel the blood flowing through your fingertips and down your legs. Try to imagine the bones in your feet and the flesh around the bones throughout your entire body. The idea with this step is to focus your mind on your physical being.  After five minutes or so you will notice that your breathing has slowed significantly.  This is good and you should ensure that is the breathing becomes slower it also becomes deeper.  This is about as much concentration on your breathing as you need to do.

Step Three: Now that you have developed the mental awareness of your body it is time to physically relax all those muscles and tendons and let the day to day tensions drain away.  This is achieved by a simple tensing and relaxing technique.  Starting at your feet, clench your toes and hold it for five seconds and then release.  Wait 10 seconds and then repeat.  Next move up to your calf muscles and repeat the same process, tensing the muscles in both legs for five seconds and then release.  Next move up to your thigh muscles and repeat exactly the same process tensing for five seconds, release, repeating twice.

Continue this process until you’ve worked up through your abdomen, stomach muscles, hands, lower arms, shoulders and then into your neck. You can even tense the muscles in your scalp as the last stage in the process. This entire process should take approximately 10 minutes and by the time you have finished, all of the muscles in your body should feel relaxed.

Step Four: This step is quite straightforward. Now that your body is quite relaxed, you just need to lie still and continue with slow deep breaths for a further 10 minutes. You may encounter some problems at this stage one of the main ones being that your face or body gets itchy. Most people get really uptight about this issue and there is absolutely no need.  If you find that you get a tickle on your face or part of your body is itching, just scratch the itch. Don’t worry about disturbing the relaxation process. Worrying about the itch will do more harm than good. Just scratch the itch and continue relaxing. Another problem that you may encounter is that you feel yourself starting to fall asleep.  This can present quite a challenge to some people because your natural instinct will be to sleep.  One of the most obvious signs of this is that you find yourself having little mini dreams or you see a vivid imagery commonly known as ‘Hypnagogic Imagery’. These are the first signs that you are starting to fall asleep but can easily be overcome. The trick is to let your body fall asleep whilst your mind stays attentive.

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To prevent yourself falling asleep whilst performing this relaxation technique, I have found the best method that works for me involves visualising a blank piece of white paper. This piece of white paper will give your mind a focal point to prevent your thoughts drifting too far and eventually leading to sleep. Every time you find your mind wandering, you realise that you are then thinking about something else or you have even had a small dream, simply visualise a bright white blank piece of paper in front of you (still with your eyes shut). Whilst staring at that piece of white paper you may notice imagery patterns and vivid colours forming. For the time being just ignore them and focus on the white piece of paper. If you continue to do this successfully for 10 minutes whilst calmly breathing deeply, you will eventually move into the next stage of relaxation.

Step Five: At this stage you should be feeling very relaxed and may have noticed that your arms, legs and body have started to feel extremely heavy. In fact it may feel that even the idea of moving just one finger seems like the way too much trouble! This is a good sign and shows that your body is starting to enter the sleep like state whereas your mind is alert enough to notice these changes. If your mind starts to get into an even more relaxed state and your brain waves start to alter you will more than likely experience what are known as vibrations.

These may occur suddenly and may startle you somewhat but expecting them is the key to accepting them. These manifest differently between different people but they are a definitive sign that you are close to leaving your physical body and entering your astral body. These vibrations will normally take the form of a rushing or whooshing sound in the ears and an all over body feeling which some people describe as being vibrated within. This can feel quite frightening at first but once it has happening to you a few times it is something you will get used to and look forward to as it is a sure sign you are successfully relaxed.

Step Six: You may now start to feel that your body is slightly detached from your physical body even if only by a small amount. Some people feel like they are floating slightly above their body and others feel that they are sinking into the bed slightly below their body. Whichever, it is at this point the need to exert some willpower and force to pull your astral body away from your physical form. There are several techniques to achieve this but one of my favourite is something known as the ‘Rope Technique’ developed by a man called Robert Bruce.

The Rope Technique

This technique involves using an imaginary rope suspended from the roof above you to mentally pull your astral body out of your physical body. Having a focal point to concentrate on seems to facilitate in the belief that you can do this. It is almost as though linking physical exertion to a mental act produces a much stronger significant result. I have had great success with this technique and sometimes it is then literally seconds from committing to the ‘Rope Technique’ before I’ve found myself detached and in the astral plane. You can learn more about the Rope Technique Here where this method of Astral Projection is covered in much greater detail. Don’t worry if this link ceases to work, this technique is covered in several places on the Internet. It is an extremely powerful technique that once mastered will enable you to astral project at will.

Good luck in your astral travelling endeavours.

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