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This is simply a bit of background stuff to explain why I ended up using Spiritual Guidance and how I used absolutely free psychic reading to go through personal issues. If you want don’t want to be bothered by that stuff I’ll have some tips that are useful so check that for sure including a summary of every one of the biggest branches of psychic guidance.

My Story With My Spiritual Guide

So for me this is how it all started. Sometimes when your situation in life just isn’t working out, whether it is in your relationships with your family or your colleagues, it takes a toll on you. Some people are stoic but some like me are a little more affected by things like bad news, tough choices or uncontrollable events happening. It’s not only about others though. When you learn to understand yourself you can see your own faults and admit them. It’s a liberating feeling and honestly solves or prevents a lot of confrontation, that’s just basic stuff and human nature. You’ll see where I’m getting at.

At one precise point in my life, I had to make a decision. It was my career or my family. These are not just words they literally mean the life path you choose. I was completely blocked mentally and no soul-searching could help me. Should I focus on work and leave so much time with loved ones behind and become something I always wanted to be? Before that moment it seemed clear to me that I was going to move away at some point but when the time came I froze. It was 3 weeks of thinking incessantly until my friend came over.

During breakfast my friend said: “when I feel like you do now, I go to this website and just talk to an online psychic, you never know it’s helped me before I don’t see why it couldn’t help you”. I was a bit taken aback having never been in contact with mediums or psychics in any way shape or form before. So I started making my way on online websites looking for what could help me the best, who people liked more and trusted more and what kind of spiritual guidance I really needed, the spectrum is very wide!

I didn’t open up at first, I was expecting the usual movie cliche of a medium who says what you want to hear but it already felt good to talk, then all of sudden she started naming people I never mentioned! That certainly got my attention so I gave it more of a fair shot. I thought about what the core of my issues were and basically just laid it all out for her, which was our third discussion.

From then we became very familiar with each other and I had no shame in sharing anything.) said to my guide that I have always been very recognized and extremely active in my field of work, just as much as I am passionate about my child and her welfare. Since I had my daughter, things have changed. On one hand, I want to achieve my professional life and on the other hand, I would stay home with my daughter. If I could afford it financially, I would stay at home at least another year but in a way I also want move my career forward right now.

Her purely brilliant yet wise advice was to know to understand the difference and balancing between the desires to stay home with my child and be an accomplished working woman, instead of feeling guilty about “abandoning” your kids… She said that she is of the view that a parent, father or mother, will be at his best in his parenting skills if they respect their values and if they are happy in their life decisions.

So if you want to spend more time at home, do it! If you feel the call of your professional passion, follow your instincts! Despite this, you feel as if you are between two ultimatums? This is common but it’s wrong! Ask instead the question: would it be possible to have the best of both worlds? Work less, that is to say 3 or 4 days a week, while spending quality time with the kids can be just as conceivable. That means less money and obviously the family budget will need adjusting. Such a decision also requires an arrangement with your employer, not everyone in the world can afford or be allowed to work less than five days in a week. Maybe ask for a meeting to present your needs humanely. Stand your ground! Not everything will be perfect every day regardless of your decision. The important thing is the positive feeling that you will maintain while focusing on finding solutions and the small adjustments. Remember it is never too late to change your mind and your values and family needs evolve over time. You will need to adapt. I wish you success, good thinking and all the fun you deserve!”

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Here is a list of common kinds of readings, psychic channeling, etc. you’re bound to come across: – Spiritual Guidance/Psychic Readings – Tarot Readings – Dream Interpretation – Astrology Readings – Past Life Readings – Numerology Readings

Absolutely Free Psychic Reading

Spiritual Guidance/Psychic Readings

Spiritual is a link established between you and your guide, these beings of light who accompany you throughout your life. More so, guidance is a personal and spiritual development tool to calmly and positively build your future instead of acting impulsively. Your guides are at your side and they can greatly help you in the hardships you encounter. They know the life path you have chosen to experience in this life and can give you the keys to making it happen.

During a guidance, your guides guide and advise you to help you understand a situation, how to deal with it and consider the options available to you. They enlighten you in all areas of your life, but without complacency and rather with love and kindness. Thus they give you the ability to overcome tests and build yourself a brighter future! They can also help you in your spiritual process. They show you the way but it is then your job to walk the path because if they can tell you the direction to follow, they can’t and shouldn’t do everything for you! You are the actor in your life and, as such, you have your free will!

Listen and put to good use this blessed assistance that you may be given by your guides! Remember every single day that whatever happens, your guides are always there at your side, ready to help you if you ask for their advice.

Tarot Readings

The Tarot is a must for anyone looking for readings. It is undoubtedly the best known adherents of fortune-telling. It is of a lot of use for those who can interpret it Understanding and controlling it requires many years of practice and only an experienced Tarot reader will know you transcribe accurately the message from your draft. Anyone does not become a tarot reader easily. The Major Arcana are a real well of wisdom and knowledge, they represent the book of our lives, our successes, our failures, our joys and our sorrows and our strengths and weaknesses. Everything is recorded on these cards, a draw never is a matter of chance.

Since this is the internet after all, there is quite a list of bogus sites to go through and I did try one by accident. I don’t regret simply for the sake of trying to see what all of this is about but I warn you not to click every link you see out there or you might get taken advantage of. After having found the one person that could really help me, which I had connected to A person that I talked to over and over again and felt a deep bond with, I finally felt like I had help and knew where I should go, what I should do. I wasn’t scared or confused anymore and just went for it It felt like the world off my shoulders and everything we talked about was extremely useful to me almost every single day. I guess it’s almost like a better type of life coaching for me.

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Dream Interpretation

This psychic sphere has always sought to understand the secret of dreams. Some people a long time ago regarded them as warnings from heaven and we believe that today it affects a large part of the skepticism about the interpretation of dreams. The characters, items or your dream events have a different meaning from reality obviously. Some dictionaries of dreams will allow you to analyze your dreams with a deeper meaning. We must adapt the interpretation of dreams in our life experiences to refine the interpretation of your dreams. In a dream, the most important is the energy that is felt or released by an object or a person. Do not try to bring it materially but spiritually because applying it the wrong way might scare you sometimes.

Astrology Readings

Astrology is based on the elusive resonance that is connecting heaven and earth. There have been thousands of years of men observing the sky that noticed that there was a relationship between what happens in the sky and what is going on earth.

Your horoscope is from language that speaks to you about the relationship between the state of the sky and universe at the time of your birth and your own human nature. The so-called traditional astrology is descriptive, current astrology is kind of evolving. Through current astrology we try to see where there are problems, understand their source and see the effects they have on us. Astrology allows us to shape the image of our unconscious so you can more skillfully use your free will to evolve in the right direction.

Past Life Readings

Some say the path of each soul is registered in the ether. This vibratory record thus contains all our lives archives. So everyone has what can be called a Book of Lives. You can imagine the past-lives records as a huge library where each of us has his book. Reading from previous lives is called “past-lives reading”
Reading past-lives provides access to memories of past lives and give meaning to current experiences. By understanding why and how you really lived your previous existences, a feeling of peacefulness appears, solutions emerge. The memories that are made in the light of your consciousness is transmuted. You also get to know you, to understand your journey to find your potential. Everything is still there, available, by lifting the veil of forgetfulness, you deepen your connection with your soul and purpose.

You can always find love and compassion and healing energy in understanding your free will Therefore, they will never tell you what decision you have to take and not answer questions about your future. The future is your building, your creation. Past lives are revealed, the memories are shown, explained while taking into account your sensitivity, always with love and compassion.

Numerology Readings

Numerology is a science of numbers whose source lies in the Asia some more than ten thousand years before Christ. The philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras during the fifth century before Christ, who compile the original complete synthesis. It is deeply rooted in the Semitic history of Kabbalah, the elders of the Holy Roman Church were inspired and in turn inspired many more in the West. Subsequently men of science and philosophers and others more contemporary including A. Einstein. The observation of patterns of numbers has been out of the shadows in recent years in the United States where researchers have started observing real life events.

So in conclusion, this process has really helped me go through my personal stuff, I hope you give one of the things I listed a try if you need to find love, return to internal peace or like me need some help making very hard choices that seem too big to make on your own sometimes. There is a guide out there for you waiting to help you, with some answers and some guidance to find absolutely free psychic reading. Give them a chance to reach you by trying out this website. Thank you for reading.

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